Catch up on Awesome Admin Sessions from DreamTX :

Catch up on Awesome Admin Sessions from DreamTX
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Salesforce Admins from all over the world tuned into the Dreamforce Trailblazer Experience, aka DreamTX, in December. DreamTX — a global, 4-day series of panels, demos, and online learning experiences — featured more than 300 hours of content! Did you catch it all last week? No? Well, DreamTX may be over, but your opportunities to learn are not! Continue the DreamTX learning momentum by catching up with sessions from the Admin Channel.

Innovation, Trailhead, and #Trailheart

We kicked Trailhead Day off with a welcome show to get us in the Dreamforce spirit! Learn about the latest innovations on the Salesforce Platform to go digital fast, scale with confidence, and empower everyone.

Watch the full session.
Get resources to features highlighted in this session here.

Welcome session image for the trailhead main show broadcast during DreamTX. Featuring speakers Sarah Franklin, Christophe Coenraets, Heather Conklin, and Monica Roberts.

It’s not a real Dreamforce without a Golden Hoodie winner… or two! We were thrilled to spotlight our latest Golden Hoodie winners:

  • Gaspar Rodriguez is a Senior Consultant at Appsolutely and Co-founder at RefugeeForce, a social enterprise working to create jobs for refugees in the Netherlands.
    Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 2.39.29 PM.png
  • Esha Garg, Associate Salesforce Developer at Dazeworks, has helped more than 400 Trailblazers gain 85+ certifications with #BlazeYourCertification!
    Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 2.39.16 PM.png

We’re so proud of all you’ve done to give back to the community, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

Check out these great sessions from DreamTX

Innovate Faster with Einstein Automate

Join Marc Delurgio, Senior Director of Product Management, to learn all about the newest Flow capabilities and extensions. Plus, get a sneak preview of Flow Orchestrator, the powerful, new platform service that allows for sophisticated, multi-person business processes. The automation demo is a must-see!

Watch the session.
Learn more about automation for admins.
Take the custom trailmix.

Unlocking Admin Insights with Tableau

Join John Demby, Lead Creative Strategist for Tableau, to explore the newly released Dashboard Starter for Salesforce Admin Insights with your data and gain a better understanding of how your Salesforce org is being used. You’ll see how this dashboard can empower Salesforce Admins to understand what users are doing — including when and where they’re doing it — so you can confidently inform your leadership and stakeholders.

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Download the workbook.
Earn the Tableau Trailhead badge.

Manage Releases Fast with DevOps

Join Karen Fidelak, Director of Product Management, to learn about the all-new DevOps Center, the long-awaited future of Change Sets. DevOps Center allows you to manage the entire change and release management process from one central application. From automatic change tracking to seamless integration with Version Control, we’ve made modern DevOps simple and highly accessible for anyone building on the Salesforce Platform.

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Join the DevOps Center Trailblazer Community.

Build More Advanced Reports Lightning Fast!

Join Ankita Dutta, Senior Product Manager, for a whirlwind tour of the Lightning Report Builder with a deep dive into Joined Reports, Cross Object Filters, and advanced Formulas. There are tons of useful takeaways here for any admin who wants to learn more about advanced reporting in Lightning!

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Learn more about analytics for admins.
Earn the Lightning Reports and Dashboards badge.

Build a Single Source of Truth

Join Ketaki Rao, Director of Product Management, and Marla Hay, Senior Director of Product Management, as they deep dive into the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) — Data Management, Consumer Identity Access Management, Customer Data Platform, and Privacy. Take the next step in your SSOT journey with us to dive into building a Customer Data Portal with Customer 360 Audiences, protecting and governing your data at scale with Customer 360 Privacy Center, and defining a clear path to success at your company.

Watch the session.
Learn about SSOT.
Read about the Customer 360 Privacy Center.
Earn the Customer 360 Guides Trailhead badge.

Maximize Adoption with 9 Low Code Love Features

Join Lizz Hellinga, Admin Evangelist, and Judy Fang, Solution Engineer, to learn how to empower your users with Dynamic Forms, In-App Learning, Macros, and six more low-code tools to maximize user adoption within your org. Help your users provide awesome customer experiences with productivity tools. Quickly monitor and manage performance with prebuilt dashboards. Continue your learning from anywhere with TrailheadGO.

Watch the session.
Read the accompanying blog post.

Admin Ask the Experts Live Q&A — AMER

Join Marc Baizman, Senior Admin Evangelist, as he hosts an all-star panel of Alex Edelstein, VP Product Management for Einstein Automation, Karen Fidelak, Director of Product Management for DevOps Center, and John Demby, Lead Creative Strategist for Tableau. Watch Marc ask this panel your admin questions LIVE to get their in-the-moment responses. Forward-looking statements WILL be made!

Watch the session.
Join the DevOps Center Trailblazer Community.
Join the Automation Trailblazer Community.

AppExchange: 20 Free Apps in 20 Minutes

Join us in this fun, fast-paced, game-show-inspired episode to hear about 20 free, tried-and-true apps from AppExchange to help you solve your unique business challenges. You’ll hear from four AppExchange experts about solutions that help you create reports and dashboards, automate business processes, collaborate with other teams, and improve customer service. You’ll leave the episode with 20 solutions that you can instantly install for free on AppExchange.

Watch the session.

Integration Innovations from MuleSoft

Whether you’re a developer or admin, working within IT or outside of IT, MuleSoft has new products and features to make your job easier. Join Shannon Hale, Senior Director of Product Management at MuleSoft, to learn about highlights from our upcoming releases.

Watch the session.

How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Working from anywhere isn’t a trend — it’s here to stay. How we manage the new ownership of our spaces, our lives, and our careers is job #1 for thousands of companies and billions of employees around the globe. Join Karen Mangia, Vice President, Customer & Market Insights, to discover a comprehensive playbook for how to get the best out of distributed work both now and in the future.

Watch the session.

While our Dreamforce experience this year was quite different, we were still able to learn, connect, and have fun in this virtual setting — probably best captured with this Twitter moment!

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