DreamTX for #AwesomeAdmins :

DreamTX for #AwesomeAdmins
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Join us this December for the Dreamforce Trailblazer Experience, aka DreamTX, a virtual space dedicated to demos, luminary sessions, and a whole lot of Trailheart. There will be something for everyone, for every line of business, and for every industry. You’ll see the power of Customer 360, be able to share stories of working in a pandemic, connect with fellow Trailblazers, and be entertained by some surprise guests.

DreamTX: Four full days of learning, created with you in mind

DreamTX will run December 14–17. We’ll be broadcasting live, interactive, expert-led content across five broadcast channels in multiple time zones!

#AwesomeAdmins — Pay special attention to Thursday, December 17 for content focused on skilling up with Trailhead! Starting at 9 am PT (5 pm GMT) and again at 8:30 am IST (2 pm AEST), you’ll be able to choose between the Admin, Architect, Developer, Partner, and Learning & Community Channels. You can also visit the virtual expo to watch a demo, ask questions of our experts, or attend Circles of Success and learn from other Salesforce professionals.

Tune into the Admin Channel to hear from your favorite product managers, who are excited to share the latest platform innovations for #AwesomeAdmins. Together, we’re going to innovate faster with automation, drive insight through analytics, maximize adoption of new features, and build a single source of truth. Watch the sessions, learn the latest, and queue up your questions for our experts.

Whether you’re planning to join in live, host a virtual watch party with friends, or tune in after, you’ll find there’s a lot in store for admins at DreamTX.

Your TV guide for the Admin Channel

Trailhead Main Show
Join us to learn about the latest innovations on the Salesforce Platform to go digital fast, scale with confidence, and empower everyone. See new products in action, get a sneak peek at what’s coming, and hear from inspiring Trailblazers.

Innovate Faster with Einstein Automate

Speakers: Marc Delurgio
Einstein Automate allows companies to compose intelligent workflows that transform complex business processes into simple, guided experiences. Learn about the newest Flow capabilities and extensions, and see a sneak preview of the Flow Orchestrator, the powerful new platform service that allows sophisticated multi-person business processes. At the core of the end-to-end workflow automation is our new Flow Orchestrator that brings all automation and integration tools into a single solution. Learn how to change the speed of your business with Einstein Automate, Flow Orchestrator, and Flow Builder.

Unlocking Admin Insights with Tableau

Speakers: John Demby
During this session, we’ll show you how to leverage a newly released Dashboard Starter for Salesforce Admin Insights with your data to gain insights into how your Salesforce org is being used. Following Tableau’s mission of helping people see and understand their data, this solution will empower Salesforce Admins to understand what users are doing, and when and where they are doing it, so that you can confidently inform your leadership and stakeholders.

Manage Releases Fast with DevOps

Speakers: Karen Fidelak and Gillian Bruce
It’s now easy to manage the entire change and release management process from one central application: DevOps. From automatic change tracking to seamless integration with Version Control, we’ve made modern DevOps simple and highly accessible for anyone building on the Salesforce Platform.

Build More Advanced Reports Lightning Fast!

Speakers: Ankita Dutta and Mike Gerholdt
Learn how to build more advanced and complex reports using the Lightning Report Builder with a deep dive into Joined Reports, Cross Object Filters, and Formulas.

Build a Single Source of Truth

Speakers: Ketaki Rao and Marla Hay
The Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is one of the things that sets Salesforce apart. And, as of October, we have GA capability in all four categories of a true SSOT: Data Management, Consumer Identity Access Management, Customer Data Platform, and Privacy. Take the next step in your SSOT journey with us to dive into building a CDP with Customer 360 Audiences, protecting and governing your data at scale with Customer 360 Privacy Center, and defining a clear path to success at your company.

Maximize Adoption with 9 #LowCodeLove Features

Speakers: Judy Fang and Lizz Hellinga
Empower your users with Dynamic Forms, In-App Learning, and Macros, plus six more low-code tools to maximize user adoption within your org. Help your users provide awesome customer experiences with productivity tools. Quickly monitor and manage performance with prebuilt dashboards. Continue your learning from anywhere with Trailhead GO.

Ask the Expert LIVE sessions

There will be two live Ask the Expert sessions on the Admin Channel: one in the AMER time zone and one in APAC time zone. If you’re like me, you’ll be staying up to watch both because we’ll have different panelists for each! 👀

The AMER session will be at 11 am (December 17) and hosted by Marc Baizman, Sr. Salesforce Admin Evangelist. He’ll have special guests:
John Demby, Tableau
Karen Fidelak, Director, Product Management for DevOps Center
Alex Edelstein, VP Product Management for Automation

The APAC session will be at 11 am (December 18) and hosted by Hayley Morris, Salesforce Solution Engineer. She’ll have special guests:
Ben Chamlet, Sr. Manager, Solution Engineering, Salesforce for Marketing
Judy Fang, Solution Engineer, Platform Specialist
Paul Walker, Sr. Manager, Solution Engineering

Get your questions ready to share in the chat and be answered live.

Architect, Developer, Partner, and Learning & Community Channels

But wait, there’s more! As mentioned earlier, DreamTX will feature FIVE broadcast channels. We definitely encourage you to check out the other channels:

  • The Architect Channel is all about what you need to know now to guide your teams and customers through change. We’ll share the latest Architect certifications, how to get started skilling up for the most in-demand role in the Salesforce ecosystem, and some major announcements for architects.
  • Tune into the Developer Channel to learn about flexible developer experiences, how to integrate systems fast, and how to increase your productivity. Get a glimpse into how we’re building the future, straight from product experts and advocates.
  • Hey partners, the Partner Channel is dedicated to you! Join us for technical demos, roadmap insights, and actionable tips to take your Salesforce expertise to the next level.
  • Cozy up in our Learning & Community Channel to connect with your friends and swap insights, ideas, and tips to grow our very own Ohana into a safer and more brilliant space.

Demos and discussions

Explore demos and join engaging, interactive Circles of Success and Cert. Prep sessions with our Salesforce experts and customers to learn the latest Salesforce features for developers, admins, and architects and hear top tips on certification.

Plan ahead

We recommend you do some planning using Agenda Builder before the event to make your experience awesome:

  • Think about your knowledge gaps. Is it Einstein, Flow, or Tableau? What products or features are you less than familiar with?
  • What do you need to know? As you heard in the DF2U Keynote announcement, Salesforce has a lot of new features for admins coming soon, like Einstein Automate, Single Source of Truth, and the new DevOps Center. Be sure to add these sessions to your agenda to stay up-to-date and ready to continue driving innovation at your company.
  • Mix up your viewing! At DreamTX, we have 16-minute segments, Ask the Expert sessions, demos, and so much more. Make sure you make time to check out each.

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