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Einstein Automate for Admins
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As Salesforce Administrators, you have access to Einstein Automate: the most complete, intelligent, end-to-end workflow solution on the market. Einstein Automate enables #AwesomeAdmins like you to use low-code tools to build intelligent workflows and leverage data across any system.

What is Einstein Automate?

Einstein Automate brings together a suite of tools across the Customer 360. It includes products from the Salesforce Platform, such as Flow and Einstein, MuleSoft, and Salesforce Industries. Unlike other solutions on the market, Einstein Automate allows any company to automate fast with a library of 700+ best practices, prebuilt bots, templates, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) partner solutions.

What does this mean for me?

With Einstein Automate, admins have a low-code solution for automating processes across clouds and industries — making Salesforce your one-stop shop for workflow automation within your organization. Let me break that down into the two parts that admins can get really excited about.

Flow Orchestrator
As Salesforce Admins, you know that many processes span the entire organization. Which could mean multiple teams, multiple due dates, and, well, multiple everything. With Flow Orchestrator, you’re able to orchestrate individual processes across a complex business workflow.

Think of it like this: One flow is great and can do a lot, much like one person playing a musical instrument. But what happens when you have multiple flows, or multiple people playing an instrument? Well, now you need an orchestrator to harmonize everything. That’s what Flow Orchestrator will do; it sits on top of Flow and can orchestrate all of your processes, like scheduling, approvals, and multi-person processes.

With Flow Orchestrator, you can increase productivity with work guidance so you can streamline workflows with work queues, notifications, and intelligent decisioning services. As an admin, you can help your organization identify bottlenecks in workflows by monitoring where delays happen and efficiently take action.

MuleSoft Composer
With MuleSoft Composer, Salesforce Admins can integrate Salesforce data with our external apps, all with clicks and not code. There’s a library of connectors and proven integration templates, so you aren’t starting from scratch. This means you can instantly compose a 360-degree customer view for your organization even faster with integrations that will boost productivity.

So what’s next?

Many of the Business Process Automation tools are already in your instance, such as Flow Builder and Einstein Bots. You can start automating today with Salesforce Flow and design business processes with clicks. With Einstein Bots, you can build bots and connect them to business processes, enhancing self-service and scale support across channels. You can leverage reusable building blocks, prebuilt solutions, and process documentation from the AppExchange.

When Flow Orchestrator is Generally Available (GA) next year, you’ll be able to tackle more complex processes that are hard to solve with a single flow, arranging individual processes across a complex business workflow. Ultimately, this will allow you to supercharge employee productivity across complex processes.

With MuleSoft Composer, you’ll be able to integrate into additional systems using a declarative interface, allowing you to compose a 360-degree customer view faster. The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform lets you replace brittle and complex business processes with robust, secure, and performant APIs through an API-led approach.


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December 03, 2020 at 12:21AM
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