Episode 62: Flow and Apex with Aidan Harding :

Episode 62: Flow and Apex with Aidan Harding
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Today’s guest is Aidan Harding. He is the Technology Director for Nebula Consulting. In this episode, we’re sitting down and talking about a variety of topics. Above all, we’re discussing how Flow and Apex can start being friends and working together. 


In the episode, we also touch on Aidan’s experience with programming, his time at Salesforce, and his current job at Nebula. Listen in to learn from his expertise with Flow and Apex.


Show Highlights:

  • Aidan’s early days in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • What his current job is like.
  • When he decided he needed to really look at Flow as a developer.
  • How Flow aligns with programming.
  • Skills that make it easier to pick up and go with Flow.
  • What Flapex is.
  • How to bring the concept of a unit test to Flow and how Apex can help with that.
  • How important naming conventions are with Flow.
  • How this has all changed Aidan’s approach to Apex.
  • What lazy evaluation is and how it applies to Apex.



December 28, 2020 at 08:30PM
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