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Reasons Why Projects Need Salesforce Developers
by: Mobilunity
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A professional project powered by Salesforce needs developing APIs, custom automation solutions, effective CRM workflows, integrating third-party tools, and maintaining a high quality of software code, security, and performance, which are not a click and play stuff at all. To accomplish these tasks effectively and efficiently, you need to hire Salesforce developer teams. 

Hiring a Salesforce development team is a way to customize the platform and use it comfortably without spending months studying the ins and outs of the solution. In this post, you will find out why hiring a Salesforce development is a smart move for SME owners

Why You Should Hire Salesforce Developers

There are lots of things that require quality-coding, innovative thinking, automated solutions, popular tool integration, data distribution across business domains, and much more. You need to hire Salesforce developers to carry out those activities professionally. So, you need to hire a Salesforce developer for the following reasons. 

Customization of Salesforce Functions and Features 

Salesforce is a playground team can use to build the most efficient management solution. Being able to rearrange the components of the platform and make it more intuitive for the team will save business owners a lot of onboarding time and effort. Hiring a Salesforce developer is a fast and efficient way to customize Salesforce by editing the source code

Creating custom plugins and integrations

Salesforce has almost unlimited room for extending functionality such as page view customization, report and data field modification, modification in workflows, adding social media links, using collaboration tools, implementing APEX triggers and APEX classes, customizing page layouts, and adding new interfaces for customers for interactive feedback and many others. Developers can help business owners design custom solutions like product-specific support, customized automated functions in a unique work environment, and others that handle team-specific tasks. 

Building apps in AppExchange

Creating a custom app from scratch using Salesforce requires in-depth knowledge of development tools - Apex, Lightning platform, APEX Test Execution, Ant Migration, Code Editor, and others. On top of that, to create a functional app, you will have to master the platform’s programming language. AppExchange Partner Program allows the developers to develop custom apps for Salesforce integration. You find a wide range of tools for developing custom business apps for the Salesforce platform.  Hiring a developer frees business managers from having to specialize in coding and allows them to focus on the company’s core activities. 

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Effective Use of Salesforce Features and Capabilities 

A professional Salesforce developer exploits the power of all major modules like Cloud Marketing, Analytics Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and others to achieve the most desired business results by exploring the opportunities offered by those modules for enhancing the business growth. Salesforce allows integration of numerous standard and custom applications, plugins, and system customizations to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Salesforce consultants can help you optimize your technical resources and develop innovative solutions pertaining to marketing, customer relationship, sales, and other business processes. Professional Salesforce roles like Salesforce Solution Architect, Technical Architect, Functional Consultants, and senior developers are needed to achieve the best results out of the features and capabilities of the Salesforce platform

Answering questions within the team

It’s common for not-so-tech-savvy employees to be confused when using Salesforce. Usually, managers have to deal with numerous questions during the training, even the ones they have no idea how to answer. Bringing a development expert on board increases the speed and efficiency of team onboarding, reduces the amount of time needed to log tasks, access reports, or build sales pipelines. A tech team can create learning documentation and guidelines for every employee to follow, creating a reusable learning curve. 

4 Tips on Hiring Salesforce Developers

Salesforce development is a nascent field yet, with a few Salesforce consultant jobs - there aren’t many established hiring practices. That’s why business owners and human resource managers lack guidelines to help find the right talent for the team at a competitive Salesforce developer salary

To make the candidate screening, interviewing, and onboarding process easier, follow these tips when scouting Salesforce developers:

Make sure his/her technical skills are relevant

A Salesforce developer is typically involved in customizing the system, designing Salesforce-based plugins, integrations, and apps. Thus, the candidate’s programming skills are the main assessment factor. Here’s what a good Salesforce developer should be skilled in:

  • Navigating and using the three most popular Salesforce platforms - Heroku, Apex, and Lighting Platform
  • Using Salesforce APIs - Fuel and APEX Rest, Metadata API and others;
  • Commanding the tools and programming languages the platform uses: SOQL, Visualforce, Lightning App Builder, and SOSL;
  • Programming foundation - a developer should understand the concepts of data binding, object-oriented programming, inheritance, and others.

Look for developers with an official Salesforce Certification

The good news for HRs and business managers is that the platform has a learning center and trains certified Salesforce developers. If a candidate wants to become a Salesforce consultant, he/she should possess either Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant (CON 201) certification or Certified Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certification.  For a professional Salesforce developer, Certified Salesforce Developer (DEV 401) certification is highly desired. 


  • Salesforce architect - a person, skilled in software development, design, and application maintenance;
  • Administrator - a specialist, capable of customizing and managing an existing platform;
  • Developer - a candidate with a developer certificate has confirmed integration, plugin, app, and platform development skills;
  • Marketing Credentials certificate - the document proves that a Salesforce specialist is skilled in managing the system, can set up, run and monitor campaigns via Salesforce;
  • Consultant - a candidate equipped to answer the team’s questions about the platform and educate employees efficiently. 

Don’t let soft skills slide

Here are the soft skills that a professional Salesforce developer should possess:

  • Organization skills;
  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • Consulting skills; 
  • Good command of project management techniques;
  • Consulting ability;
  • Being able to communicate technical details in an understandable way. 

Scrutinizing Developer Profile 

Hiring managers should scrutinize the entire profile of a Salesforce developer thoroughly. The profile scrutiny should include background checking, past projects, the size of teams he/she worked on, the activities performed in a cross-functional team, and many others. The size and success of the past projects that the developer worked on should also be scrutinized carefully to get a deeper insight into the soft and hard skills and attitude of a Salesforce developer. 

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Salesforce is one of the most popular platforms in the customer relationship management CRM realm. Thanks to a vast array of tools and features, which make it stand out from the other platforms such as:

  • Supports Lightening Business Assessment tool for business evaluation
  • Lightning App Builder for superfast development of custom apps 
  • Supports more than 96 platform features, over 74 sales features, 27 service features, numerous analytics and marketing, and communities capabilities
  • The solution is fully customizable
  • Highly scalable in extending its functionality. 

Investing in a Salesforce consultant salary is a way to use the platform efficiently. This way, business owners can create custom solutions, benefit from built-in development environments, and educate the team in less time. 

Investing in a tech specialist who can answer questions, mitigate concerns, and build additional tools for business management opens new scalability opportunities and reduces operating costs in the long run. 

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