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Salesforce Configuration Vs Salesforce Customization and Their Best Practices
by: Pooja
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What Is Configuration In Salesforce?

  • Salesforce design is everything you can do inside the CRM framework
  • This implies you can add another field to your Salesforce, that utilizes a recipe or a particular standard to accomplish a result. 
  • In straightforward words, an arrangement in Salesforce implies that client characterized qualities will allow a specific module or highlight to work. 
  • You can do the greater part of this all alone however recruiting a Salesforce chairman unquestionably helps in getting a better yield in lesser time. 

Salesforce Configuration Examples:

The setting of an email is a Salesforce design. Besides, with a Salesforce arrangement, you can adjust fields, cause changes in work processes, to make extra reports, redo the UI and change page formats, and so forth 

What Is Customization In Salesforce?

  • Salesforce customization alludes to a custom turn of events and coding to add powerful highlights to your CRM stage
  • These highlights can be incorporated with your business to have an adaptable effect. Generally, these are the activities that aren't achievable with simply your Salesforce and broaden the usefulness of your CRM, extending the extent of your business undertakings

Salesforce Customization Examples:

Pinnacle Classes, Apex triggers, Different outsider combinations, visual power messages, utilizing CSS to modify the page design, and building visual power pages are a portion of the instances of Salesforce Customization

6 Best Practices of Salesforce Configuration

Salesforce arrangement assumes a pivotal job in using your CRM stage in the most ideal manner. To do SFDC setup utilizes these accepted procedures. 

Run Field Utilization Reports

Through this Salesforce design, you can recognize if there are any news sources contaminating your information. The most ideal approach to handle this would be by eliminating the fields that are reliably clear 30% of the time. Besides, we propose belittling a field that goes clear 95% of the time on a reliable premise. Be that as it may ensure you don't eliminate it from your CRM

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Non-Active Users Should be Deactivated

All the clients that don't need Salesforce access because of some explanation or have left the organization should be deactivated. This will help in improving the productivity of your Salesforce. 

Keep a Check on Errors

Ensure you look at any Salesforce design blunders that may happen every now and then. Alongside this, it is essential to investigate logs to stay away from any very late glitches. At whatever point an outer application synchronizes information with your Salesforce, examine its mistake logs to decide whether any new blunder design emerges. 

Inspect Login History Table

This Salesforce design will assist you with bringing up any client lockouts. Additionally, you ought to likewise be mindful so as to dodge any over the top login mistakes

Run APEX Test

For SFDC design, you should run all APEX tests in your Salesforce. Through this, you can spot new blunders that may have occurred because of information cleanup or changes in approval rules or triggers. 

Keep Your Setup Audit Trail Updated

This Salesforce design practice includes searching for changes, increases, or cancellations made during the most recent week. Simply ensure you keep a note of these progressions and have them recorded or clarified in the first region that was changed. 

6 Best Practices of Salesforce Customization

To execute effective SFDC Customization, you need to follow certain practices. Here, we have delineated probably the prescribed procedures of Salesforce customization. Simply follow these and you are all set! 

Plan Ahead

Sort out and organize the customizations. 

Utilize a sandbox to make your Salesforce customizations in a protected spot without influencing different clients. 

Take help from the Salesforce Experts

Utilize different instruments to help you in customization

Test a lot again before at long last sending the customization. 

Utilize straightforward, brief, and organized naming shows for better correspondence. 

Add insights concerning the element to assist different engineers with understanding your customizations and keep them from being changed or copied. 

Give assistance writings to the clients to facilitate the use of the customization. 

Must-Have Salesforce Configurations 

Subjects and Layouts

Similar formats and subjects in your Salesforce become exhausting. You can make the interface of your Salesforce more intuitive and intriguing by utilizing Salesforce designs to change its subjects and formats

Changing Logos

Another must-have SFDC design is the difference in logos in your Salesforce. You can add your organization logos and pick where you need them to be shown. 

Custom Objects and Field Levels

In your Salesforce, you can have custom items and field levels according to your business prerequisites. You can design your Salesforce to smooth out your work process and benefit from it. 

Must-Have Salesforce Customizations

Custom entrance.

You can get a Salesforce custom gateway to have an extraordinary end-client experience. For instance, custom customer entry will improve the customer's and your comfort. Also, Salesforce workers or Salesforce accomplices entryway can be utilized to smooth out correspondences among the groups or accomplices and lift your business development. This makes the Salesforce Custom entry an unquestionable requirement to have Salesforce customization

Salesforce client entrance.

Salesforce client gateway. 

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Tweaked dashboards

A custom dashboard in Salesforce gives you a 360-degree perspective on the entirety of your business cycles and openings. With a Salesforce redid dashboard, you can speak to information in an intelligent manner. Presently, you are good to go to see an expansion in profitability and higher productivity inside your groups. 

Redone sees

Another Salesforce customization that can improve your business execution is Customized Views. With this, your clients can have a consistent client encounter and expand the usefulness of your Salesforce. Presently, you won't confront the issue of default limitations as redone perspectives will give more functionalities, for example, list sees, custom structures, alternatives to transfer to connections, and so on 

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