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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud
by: Amit Chaudhary
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Why should you care about Manufacturing cloud and best practices to learn and do a quick implementation. Salesforce has come up with a new product which is Manufacturing cloud recently. This product addresses one of the core pain points of Manufacturers not able to manage their run rate business in Salesforce with the standard objects. In this post/session we will talk about manufacturing cloud data model and will do manufacturing cloud demo.

What is manufacturing cloud?

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is an end-to-end CRM solution for the manufacturing industry. It gives users a complete view of all customer activities and helps to drive predictable business growth with actionable insights and a proactive approach. Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud extends the functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud

Why Use It ?

  • Sales team can track Account Performance from inception to renewal
  • Account Based Forecasting will provide insight into a company’s Run Rate business managed by Sales Agreements
  • New Business managed by Opportunities​
  • Easily capture volume and revenue for each account​
  • Allows for better alignment between Sales and Operation teams


  • Sales Agreement– Object that enables users to plan their sales and operations better •They can help make business transactions, profits, and revenue margins more predictable.
  • Account Based Forecasting- Allows a user to be flexible with their pricing to protect margins, stop revenue leakage, and gather more deals for a specific account in their Salesforce organization
  • Run Rate Business- Bringing on additional business for an existing customer, which is typically captured using the Sales Agreement Salesforce Object
  • New Business– Bringing on new business for a customer who has not done business with a company previously, which is typically captured in the Opportunity Salesforce Object

Manufacturing cloud Data Model

What Is Manufacturing Cloud and why should admins and developers pay attention to elevate their careers.

Manufacturing cloud Demo Video

here are some key things you would learn by watching this Video and a key take away you can use right now for you.

  • Overview of What is Manufacturing cloud
  • Benefit of using Manufacturing cloud
  • Demo of Manufacturing cloud on how Sales teams, Sales leadership and Admins will use Manufacturing cloud in their org.
  • Data Model of core objects used in Manufacturing cloud
  • Best practices on implementing Manufacturing cloud with a Phased approach of a quick implementation.
  • Strategies to follow for integration with ERP systems like SAP and changes with implementation.


Date     : Sat, DEC 12, 2020 10:00 AM EST (8:30 PM IST)
Speaker  :  Buyan Thyagarajan, Jason Norat, Abhay Gupta

Things to Consider

  • Start with a POC
  • Products, price books must be standardized
  • Integration strategy for Orders, Product and Pricebook
  • Minimal users for Mfg cloud

Further Learning

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