How can a local FMCG company reach every nook corner of the world using Salesforce? : Sakshi Agarwal

How can a local FMCG company reach every nook corner of the world using Salesforce?
by: Sakshi Agarwal
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FMCG using Salesforce
FMCG using Salesforce


Every business tries its best to organize its sector and make it profitably streamline. FMCG is no different at all. The goal is to keep the flaws and clutters at bay to maintain the growth and positive profit graph. Moreover, FMCG wants a spirit of freedom in operations, and like every other sector, it is also striving for moveability in the typical business operation. They don’t want to get confined to the standard hardware and software to stay committed to the process while sacrificing flexibility. And this need gave the introduction of cloud-based and feature-rich CRM.

A customer relationship management system is primarily executed within the business to integrate data and information organized. The decision-making process can become as smooth as possible, vital in the sector FMCG. Besides, excellent CRM allows FMCG brands to extend their capacities and market hold. It is fully loaded with pre-built apps, supports third-party apps alliance, and provides the opportunity to frame apps. By and large, the aim is to support FMCG’s requirements and support their needs without any interference.

FMCG is the industry that caters to the entire population irrespective of size, gender, and socio-economic status. That implies a large extent for the novices and the established to try the market with their FMCG range. That has given birth to healthy competition, and there are several powerful brands in the market. These brands are using FMCG commodities to make golden sales and battling hard with the rest of the brands to grasp the more significant share in the market.

FMCG brands demand to have reliability and trust to sustain the market. They require this because so many brands compete, and each product has various substitutes. If the brand does not gain the public’s trust, then any competitor can come and take that brand’s place. Not only do the FMCG businesses demand to play a dynamic role, but other factors need to be aligned for making a difference. The dealers and the distributors should do justice to their position by securing the supply and elevating the brand locally and internationally. FMCG brands take the help of numerous marketing strategies to solidify their names. Below are a few of those methods and FMCG Marketing Trends In 2020:

FMCG Marketing Trends in 2021

Advertisement On Big Platforms:

FMCG businesses use multiple popular platforms like Netflix, mobile games, and social media. They are spending thousands of dollars to show the right thing at the right time to catch the attention of the people. The brands dedicate a fat budget for the advertisement on the big platforms.

Online Advertisement:

Another type of advertisement that is generally practiced by FMCG businesses is an online broadcast. The companies advertise on different platforms to establish their brand and effectively communicate their commodities’ advantages.

Print Media:

There were ages when print media was considered the best way for advertising, but as everything is getting digitized, printed things lose their charm. But to play safe, a reasonable budget is allocated on that viewpoint of the advertisement. Spot the pitfall and implement a solution: the FMCG products are best sold when they know where they are lacking and what steps they can take to remove that issue. It is quite possible with the help of Salesforce.

Sell Faster

How Is Salesforce Useful For FMCG Marketing?

Your sales team is the biggest gamechanger for small local businesses or online businesses and draws new customers. When the brand’s sales executives are out there securing new business and clients in various locations than your executive staff, a cloud service is essential for establishing a connection between the sales agents and office department. The right cloud service will enable sales representatives to quickly interact with other business staff and share documents and information. is a cloud service dedicated to enhancing your company’s and sales executives’ productivity, interactions, and structure. Let’s take a glance at the reasons:

Chatter- Salesforce presents a service for effective communication called Chatter. It is similar to your very own company’s Facebook. It lets you instantly reach other people by displaying real-time user notifications like your Facebook feed and seamlessly send documents and additional information. You can make relevant groups that share information you need, and you can do the company announcements and notices through this feature. Everyone can stay updated, along with transparency!

For Marketing and Leads Services – Now there is a big improvisation for the sales representatives to track their new customers, client history, the current status of the project, client’s response, and lead conversion with marketing tools and sales tools that Salesforce extends. New leads can be accessed and assigned to the relevant salesperson. Phone numbers can be recorded, email conversations can be safely kept, notes can be prepared, appropriate documents can be saved, and appointments can be scheduled without any hassle. That is a blessing for the sales executive operating in the FMCG business.

For Email and Calendar Services – You can combine the business email that you are currently using with Salesforce so that your email chats remain in one place. The calendar tools given are also great and very lovely at improving productivity. With the calendar tool, you would be able to track the meeting records, make relevant conversations related to the meetings and conferences, and look at the co-worker’s schedules so you can improvise and coordinate the structure of meetings and conferences. That is also an excellent aspect for management to keep insight into the sales department and know what they are doing.

For Analytics and Forecasting Services – Salesforce lets you make customizable charts and diagrammatic figures to better look into the progress of marketing techniques, project conversions, sales executive’s productivity, and various other services.

Salesforce Mobile Services – The feature for sales representatives to share the details effectively and have the chance to evaluate and provide the information while doing the fieldwork is more critical. SalesForce makes this tiring task incredibly simpler than you can ever imagine by enabling complete access to the company cloud and letting you access on compact devices like mobile phones or tabs.

How is Salesforce Useful for FMCG Marketing


Finally, it becomes simple to broaden your FMCG business’s client base when you find a competent and established cloud-based CRM service. Cyntexa offers top-notch cloud-based CRM services at competitive costs. You’ll get an excellent chance of taking your brand forward without exaggerating the cost. So, now is the best time to check and accept Salesforce technology and mark new levels of profits. Let each business function or operations find a suitable app to maintain a smooth workflow with Cyntexa.

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