How Franchisors are using Salesforce to maintain Quality Standards and Ensuring Higher Profits : Khushali Jain

How Franchisors are using Salesforce to maintain Quality Standards and Ensuring Higher Profits
by: Khushali Jain
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Franchisors using Salesforce
Franchisors using Salesforce


Retailers and franchise proprietors face novel challenges regarding creating great encounters for the two customers and workers. Yet, new technologies and innovations are turning yesterday’s industry model on its head and giving brand new components and openings that many of these businesses haven’t had previously experienced. 

Franchising is a time tested business model with various permutations that advantage all participating parties. For the seller, it’s a great model for expanding without the real drawback hazards associated with building a business, such as discovering all the financing and recruiting individuals. The franchisor generally offers licenses to willing partners who agree to maintain the standards of the brand. The franchisees get a running business model, mastery, and financing without the hassle and anguish of being an unadulterated startup. 

Generally, the franchisor establishes another level in the business serving the franchisees as its customers rather than direct to primary customers. Customers become the worry of the franchisees with some oversight from the franchisor. 

Advantages of Purchasing a Franchise 

  • Franchises offer the autonomy of small business proprietorship upheld by the advantages of a major business organization. 
  • You don’t necessarily require business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually give training on how to operate their business model. 
  • Franchises have a higher rate of accomplishment than startup businesses. 
  • It’s easier to make sure about finance for a franchise. It may cost less to purchase a franchise than to start your own business of the same kind. 
  • Franchises often have an established reputation and image, demonstrated management and work practices, access to national advertising, and progressing support.
    Advantages of purchasing a Franchisee

What are the significant challenges you see retail and franchise organizations facing today? 

Customers want services, and they will switch brands if they don’t get the required services. At any given second, a buyer can and will change the brand. Loyalty is a stick gadget, however essential to how companies will develop and manage the relationship with that buyer. It’s not as easy to have an excellent quality of reasonably evaluated items. Shoppers want services. They want to realize how a brand stands for something and has a larger stake in the broader social welfare. 


Salesforce CRM for Onboarding Franchisees 

If your business is based on the franchise model for expansion, how rapidly and easily you onboard and train new franchisees is critical for development. Onboarding new franchisees in many organizations include various departments cooperating Franchise Development Teams, Operations, Legal, Finance, Technical and Training teams. Additional teams can also be created for franchises depending on the nation they were looking to expand.

Manage the imminent franchisees as leads from when they fill in their applications to when the franchise agreements are in place. Managing the leads guarantee you are following up with requests steadily and proactively managing their applications. If you utilize a robust CRM system like Salesforce for the onboarding cycle, you discover patterns after recognizing achievement factors for a fruitful onboarding measure. Knowledge of what early-stage activities guarantee that another franchisee breaks-even sooner is invaluable for you. 

How Retailers and Franchisors Can Use Salesforce Lightning Bolts and Communities? 

A Salesforce Lightning Bolt is essentially a Community template that allows you to create a community without starting from scratch. 

A Lightning Bolt allows everybody to be an “engineer” — to create their understanding and drive engagement, faster, with less whine. They can work for both industry and measure, and ought to be thought of in a way to understand those everyday challenges. Lightning Bolts are accelerators that jumpstart your next Salesforce innovation. They are packages of apps, business rationale, UI parts — even whole Salesforce Communities — that can be installed directly from the Salesforce AppExchange. 

How Franchisors Manages Franchise Using Salesforce? 

Salesforce has recently updated its AppExchange Partner Program, distributing another summary archive and program incorporations. From these current changes in Program, it’s entirely clear, on the off chance that it wasn’t already, that Salesforce increasingly considers itself to be a platform enabling thousands of engineers to sell its necessary technology on the side of their domain-explicit apps. It also considers itself an apparatus supplier for endeavors to build up one kind of apps. 

What’s generally fascinating to us is that the changed program mirrors the best programs you may find in fast food. A franchisee is evaluated on basic pay and profitability and things like staff information and amicability, cleanliness of the establishment, and more. 

It’s a way for the franchisor to maintain some control over how the brand is introduced to the customer because unhappy customers will cut down a brand and all of its secondary businesses, such as authorizing and real estate management. 

In the Salesforce program, partners are evaluated quarterly in three areas with six measurements: 

  • Customer Success measurement, including attrition rate and an average rating of the application;
  • Innovation, including technology adoption and Trailhead badges; and 
  • Engagement, including ACV development and total income. 

Improving the Franchisor/Franchisee Relationship 

Not many things help to develop your business or maximize its lucrative potential than opening a franchise. Utilizing a total franchise relationship management solution allows you to negotiate the at-times uncertain center ground between you as the franchisor and the franchisee. While you could attempt to build up a system for yourself, this could also cost you a small fortune being developed and progressing maintenance costs. 

For many franchisors, it makes sense to utilize a total, “out of the box” franchise business management system that has been attempted and tested and is continually updated to meet compliance and changing market needs. With the correct franchise management solution, you will have the potential to add far more value to your franchise relationships over the coming months and years than a straightforward franchise expense assortment will give. 


Salesforce is adding a ton of skin to this game by giving partners access to specialists and testing technologies and regular briefings on the technology and program advancement. All advised, it appears that Salesforce is doing all that it can to emulate the best franchise programs and to do it for them since quite a while ago. 

This system is altogether different from the way we see almost any other undertaking software company run. In any case, while significant and vital, selling infrastructure does not do a lot to share the weight of getting fruitful. Hence, Salesforce is quite beneficial for franchisors to maintain quality and manage the franchisee effectively and efficiently. If you have made up your mind to implement Salesforce for your business, then Cyntexa is the go-to place for Salesforce Development and Implementation Services.

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