Introduction to Salesforce CPQ : Amit Chaudhary

Introduction to Salesforce CPQ
by: Amit Chaudhary
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Salesforce CPQ, formally known as a Steelbrick is a Configure-Price-Quote CRM platform which streamlines quote to cash process, enabling Sales Reps to quote and price efficiently & accurately. With it’s amazing out of the box features for Product Configuration, easy to configure bundles and Options, advanced Pricing and discounting for different needs, CPQ offers outstanding capabilities to provide professional and accurate quotes to prospects quickly.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

C Is for Configure : What products does the customer want to buy (configure)

P Is for Price : How much do those products cost (price)

Q Is for Quote : How can we give the customer details about the Sale ( quote) ?

The video provides an introduction to the general quoting challenge many Customers face, and how Salesforce CPQ with its outstanding capabilities help address most of the quoting needs.


Here is agenda of session

  • Introduction to Salesforce CPQ
  • Common Quoting Challenges
  • Why CPQ?
  • What is CPQ?
  • Salesforce CPQ process flow
  • Salesforce C-P-Q
  • Begin Your Salesforce CPQ Journey
Date     : JAN 4, 2021 9:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST )
Where :
Speaker  :  Sudha Sundaram

Further Learning

  • Link to Salesforce Help Article
  • Link to Trailhead:
  • Link for creating CPQ developer org

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