Learn MOAR in Spring ’21 with Multi-factor Authentication Assistant πŸ” :

Learn MOAR in Spring ’21 with Multi-factor Authentication Assistant πŸ”
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Multi-factor Authentication Assistant

There’s now an easier way for admins to become MOAR security-minded with Spring ’21. Say hello to Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Assistant. MFA Assistant guides admins through the preparation for and the rollout of MFA to all users, right from Setup. MFA Assistant not only helps enable the technical part of the change but also provides support and suggestions for the nontechnical part of the change! The path to a more secure org is even easier with MFA Assistant.

The assistant is your guide to the activities and best practices that will help you enable MFA in your Salesforce org. It’s your one-stop shop for managing the MFA rollout for your company. There are three phases that the assistant will guide you through: Get Ready phase, Rollout phase, and Manage phase. Each phase contains a handy checklist that keeps you on track for the project with key steps and milestones, as well as invaluable resources for planning, launching, and optimizing your org’s MFA rollout.

The first phase, Get Ready, will educate you on all you need to know about MFA. This phase breaks down into three sections, with links to learn more about MFA and help you prepare for an effective rollout:

  • Learn About MFA
  • Evaluate MFA Options & Requirements
  • Plan Your MFA Rollout

The Rollout phase contains three sections as well. It includes change management and implementation activities as well as resources to help you prep your end users, and guides you through steps to test and ultimately launch MFA for your org.

  • Prepare Your Users for MFA
  • Implement MFA
  • Launch MFA

Finally, the Manage phase ensures that your end users are adopting MFA and gives insights to optimize your MFA implementation. In this phase, you’ll monitor and manage how MFA is working within your org. It’s where you’ll measure the success of your rollout support and ongoing operations, and optimize your deployment of MFA. Even if you have MFA enabled already, these resources will provide insight.

  • Measure the Success of Your Rollout
  • Support Users and Ongoing Operations
  • Optimize Security for Salesforce

If you haven’t enabled MFA in your Salesforce org, give the MFA Assistant a whirl — it has everything you need to plan and successfully implement MFA at your company!

Learn more in the release notes, and join us for the Spring ’21 Admin Preview during Release Readiness Live on January 29 to see a demo and get your questions answered by experts.

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