TurboBridge Integration with Salesforce: A Glance into the Feature-Rich HD Audio Conferencing Solution : Pratyush Kumar

TurboBridge Integration with Salesforce: A Glance into the Feature-Rich HD Audio Conferencing Solution
by: Pratyush Kumar
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Turbobridge is a stable, reliable, high-quality voice conference service that is globally accessible and is employed by thousands of large and small businesses. It is very flexible and can be easily integrated with other audio, video, and web conferencing applications, by using TurboBridge API. By adding this functionality, it allows you a host of options to control live conferences through a web control panel, manage customer accounts, conference bridges, even retrieve call detail records in real-time for billing and reporting purposes.

Getting started with TurboBridge:

  • There’s no need for any reservations. You can simply dial into the system through landline, mobile phones, or computer using any of the TurboBridge dial-in numbers
  • The meeting rooms are called ‘Conference Bridges’ which accommodates one conference call at a time allowing over a 1000 users
  • We can establish multiple conference bridges on one TurboBridge account. The authentication code is called ‘Conference ID’ which uniquely identifies your ‘Conference Room’. It is a 5-10 digit identifier that callers enter to reach the conference

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Integrating with Salesforce:

There are a lot of projects and instances where the customer may need a system to connect their contacts seamlessly and need a controlled environment to manage multiple groups on a cloud-based platform itself. Salesforce provides its users with a single point of entry to multiple applications which makes it easy to integrate with and host them.

With the powerful TurboBridge API, you can easily host the conferencing application on Salesforce, giving you total control over your customer’s experience. In addition to the aforementioned amazing features, you can also save a lot of capital and maintenance costs while being able to deliver a robust and reliable conference calling solution.

Coming to the integration, TurboBridge API has open-source documentation that caters to multiple functionalities like account management, address book incorporation, authorization settings, live conference management, etc. TurboBridge objects are organized in a set hierarchy levels – Partner, Account, Bridge. This API can be called upon using Salesforce Contact objects which would necessitate the generation of a unique pin, i.e. Conference ID, shared back to Salesforce contact records that pass the required parameters and authenticate the call.

turbobridge integration with salesforce

Furthermore, the Salesforce Contacts are connected to the bridges on the TurboBridge panel. You may appoint any bridge member as the moderator. The Conference ID never expires and can be used again and again. The data across the TurboBridge user control can be used to pull call details.

TurboBridge could be your go-to for multiple applications like Sales Contact Management, Distance Learning projects, Video, and Web conferencing tools, etc. In case a specific member misses the call, they can enable the dial-in playback option to listen to the recorded conferences over the phone.


Salesforce and TurboBridge integration is great for a variety of needs with a fair amount of control over the way you want conferences to work. It is a ready-made solution for

  • Hosting a large conference call to announce a new product
  • Creating a great impression for a potential client and making it super easy for your guest to join the conference call
  • Controlling unauthorized participation on your board call or disruptive background noises
  • Tracking down the IT guy to adjust the settings on your conference bridge
  • Managing a Q&A session during your teleseminar or webinar without the heavy expenses of operator-assisted conferencing
  • Automatically record all of your conference calls

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