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Vaccine Cloud for Health Authorities
by: Khushali Jain
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Vaccine Cloud for
Health Authorities





Vaccine Cloud


Build and Implement

Our client is a Governing Healthcare authority. All the healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics, and Vaccination Centres of the US function under them, and our client wants to manage all of them on a single platform. Multiple vaccination centers use different management systems which are authorized by the governing healthcare authority. Our client wants us to create a comfortable and manageable system so that all the data and information can be managed in a single place while reducing time and effort.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

Following are the challenges which they were facing:

  • Monitoring the progress: Our client is facing a challenge while Monitoring the progress of vaccination programs. It is becoming difficult for the governing authorities to keep track of the progress with multiple vaccination centers storing vast amounts of patient details and stock-related data.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory Management is a big challenge that our client is facing as it is tough to keep track of all the vaccination centers and their supplies and stocks, which includes the following: 
  • Vaccine doses
  • Syringes
  • PPE Kits
  • Logistics Management: Logistics management is a massive challenge for our client, especially in these vaccination drives, as it is difficult to keep track of the needs of each vaccination center and keep the supply distributing on time as per the requirements.
  • Tracking records of people who received and who want to receive the vaccine: Keeping track of people who received the vaccine and who wish to receive the vaccine is a huge challenge as this data is essential to forecast the manufacturing, supply, and stocking of the vaccine.
  • Outcome Monitoring: Outcome monitoring as a challenge means that our client, being a governing healthcare authority, wants an update about the outcomes of the people receiving the vaccine to make data-driven decisions based on community health needs and risk factors. This process needs to be fast, and the data collected in the form of outcome should be accurate.
  • Managing Prescription and Medical Records: Managing Prescription and Medical records is a huge challenge. In case of any emergencies, patients are transferred from one hospital to another & their records & prescriptions also need to be shared.
  • Challenge in Forecasting: Forecasting plays a crucial part in planning. That becomes a challenge for our client as the quantity of data is vast and stored in various sources in different vaccination centers. To forecast the future needs of vaccines and other supplies, it is necessary to collect all the data and store it in a single place.
  • Public Health Notifications: Another challenge that our client is facing is regarding the Public health notifications which means that the governing healthcare authority has the real-time status/situation of the vaccinated people according to which alert notifications can be sent to the people and providers.

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client

  • Monitoring the progress: We integrated Vaccine Cloud to monitor the vaccination progress with data and insights, enabling our clients to maximize their program effectiveness. With integration capabilities in Vaccine Cloud, the authority can bring data from all relevant systems together within the platform, ensuring vaccine data is managed and tracked in one place.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Increased Overall Management by
Improved Inventory and logistics management by
Improved Progress and Outcome Monitoring by
Improved Forecasting by

Client Review

High Quality Work
Working with Cyntexa was a pleasant experience. The team’s high quality work and ability to understand our requirements is noteworthy.

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