How a Manufacturing Company can Increase Retention Rates with Pardot : Khushali Jain

How a Manufacturing Company can Increase Retention Rates with Pardot
by: Khushali Jain
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Increase Retention Rates for a
Manufacturing Company with Pardot







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Our client is a manufacturing company that deals in custom windows. They are one of the leading manufacturers known for their finest hardwood which they use to manufacture their custom windows. Despite being such a well-known name in the industry, our client is facing a decrease in retention rates. They wanted to find the best solutions for the challenges that they are currently facing.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

Following are the challenges which they were facing:

  • Difficulties while managing customer leads due to inefficient follow-up tactics: Leads management has always been difficult for Businesses. It requires an immense amount of record-keeping and data management to ensure all the leads and contacts are stored.
  • Challenges in Email Marketing: This is one of the barriers that our client is facing due to which there is a decrease in the customer retention rate, managing huge amounts of email leads is a task that requires time and effort. It may lead to mismanagement, due to which retention can be affected.
  • Internal miscommunication or no communication between Sales & Marketing teams:  Our client is facing a challenge as he cannot find a solution to decrease the communication gap between both the departments, which impacts the revenue & conversion rate. This is one of the main challenges which is affecting the business.
  • Difficulties in email marketing & follow-ups: Along with the retention, they also faced an issue with email marketing and customer outreach. To expand the business, they want to reach out to a larger audience by utilizing Mailchimp. Still, the follow-up emails to the customers who showed interest in the purchase were difficult. They could not identify which user they have already reached out to, which user is interested, and whether they are getting similar emails each time. They could not define which email is to be sent to which user & ended up being unsubscribed by the users.

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client.

  • Lead Management and Lead Generation: Lead management and lead generation are two significant factors that affect retention. To help our client with this challenge, we used Pardot for marketing automation. Lead management includes lead scoring and grading, lead nurturing, and lead segmentation. The first step in the lead nurturing is to capture a user’s email address. Pardot provides a marketing or development team with the tools and resources to collect email addresses.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Program Management efficiency increased by
Data Tracking accuracy increased by
Time in Tracking Service Delivery decreased by
Data Capturing accuracy increased by
Business cost decreased by
Organization efficiency increased by

Client Review

Impressed with the Work
Cyntexa has completed the work on time. The team was professional and delivered efficient system.

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