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Revenue Operations with Predictive Insights
by: Kimya Rahnema
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The Revenue Operations Analytics template helps you uncover key insights for your Sales Leaders and Sales Reps for a more accurate forecast and better visibility into your pipeline and activity trends. Build up your team with the help of key metrics such as quota attainment, a projected forecast, and account reach to boost your team performance. If you have not checked out the Revenue Operations Analytics template before, head over to Revenue Operations Analytics.

Get ready for jumping into version 2.0 of the Revenue Operations Analytics template! We will take a look at how descriptive insights augmented with predictions can help you improve your win rate and close deals faster. If you have not upgraded your existing app, read on to learn what the power of predictive analytics could add to your current forecast.

Predictive Insights Are Built In Your Dashboard

Knowing your quarterly number is great but imagine you knew which deals will close to get you there and which deals might fall off the table? When your dashboard is powered by Einstein Discovery you are one step closer to making this a reality! When you set up Revenue Operations Analytics, Tableau CRM automatically runs a story on your likelihood to win deals. It looks at common features that often drive your deals to close, such as the Account Industry, the month it is set to close, or even how many activities were logged for the opportunity. After building a robust model, Einstein Discovery will rerun your dataflow and score each of your open opportunities and predict its win rate. Your datasets will include rich insights right out of the box. Get everything set up in one step.

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Now you can take the guesswork out of which deals to focus on and gain valuable insights about your reps’ ability to hit their numbers. Since this app is native to Salesforce, you can create an action item right from within the dashboard. For example, if you notice you are falling behind on a deal, you can schedule a call with a customer right from the opportunity table or set up your own custom flows and actions to update your records.

Top Driving Factors For Your Reps’ Win Rate

Gaining knowledge of which deals are more likely to close is fantastic and gives you more visibility into your sales process than ever before, but what is actually driving your win rate? Why do some deals have a higher chance of closing than others? The Top Drivers can help you answer this question and gain more understanding of how to boost your win rate.

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The Top Drivers highlight which factors have the highest correlation for closing your deals. The insights underneath give you a more detailed explanation of what this means. Do you have a higher success rate in a particular region? Is there a particular account type that seems to do worse and how does the time of the year influence what closes? You can even drill into a specific insight, such as Lead Source to see only its impact. Wow! 

Predictive Insights Deep Dive

Still got some open questions and ready for more in-depth analysis? Head on over to the Einstein Discovery story “Likelihood to Win”. Here you can see all the details on how different features affected your win rate. Easily compare different scenarios to answer your forecasting questions. For example, compare different account industries to each other to understand when they outperform or fall behind. This can help you map out your territory better and hit your sales targets out of the park!

How about predictions for a specific group? Einstein Discovery helps you understand actions you can make today to improve your bottom line. Head over to “Predictions” in your story and select the model features that you would like to look into. Select which driver you’ll be able to change; for example, which level of role you can get involved in your deals. Einstein Discovery immediately tells you the top improvements you can make, your model’s accuracy, and top positive and negative driving factors in your analysis. 

Make It Your Own

Every sales organization is different and you may use additional metrics in your process. Revenue Operations Analytics automatically analyzes the most common features. However, if you have pulled in additional fields in your Revenue Operations dataflows and your Einstein Discovery story does not capture all the fields you look at when creating your forecast, you can customize it in a few extra steps. Edit your story and add any additional fields you would like to include in your predictions. Perhaps you would like to include competitor information, or you have a custom field that should be added. Check all fields that are relevant to your organization and click Update Story. Once finished, you can deploy the model from here. You can decide to create your own new model but it is recommended you deploy to the same Prediction Definition automatically created with Revenue Operations Analytics (called Likelihood to Win Model). This will mean less setup steps to get up and running. When deploying your model, make sure to select “Add or replace a model in an existing prediction” and check the box “Replace model”. Go through some quick setup steps and deploy! 

Now you are ready to score the dataset with your new and improved predictions. Head over to the Data Manager and kick off both the Revenue Operations and the Snapshot dataflow (do this sequentially!). If you created a new Prediction Definition, update the Revenue Operations dataflow first. Find the Score_Opportunities node and switch out your model under Prediction Definition. Hit Save, Update Dataflow and run it immediately or wait for the next scheduled run to pick up your changes. Now you can get your own customized insights right in your dashboards!

All there is left to say is try to install the Revenue Operations App or update your existing one to include the new predictive capabilities.

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