Get Ready for the Summer ’21 Release :

Get Ready for the Summer ’21 Release
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We have a great release coming up, packed with exciting new features for development on the Salesforce platform. Here are the most important dates you should know about to be release-ready.

April 15: Get early access to the release by signing up for a pre-release org

Sign up for a Summer ’21 pre-release org and get access to new features weeks in advance of the actual release. With a pre-release org, you can build and develop with the latest Developer edition features without worrying about affecting your real-world data or workflow.

Sign up for the Summer ’21 pre-release org here. (This link will direct to a Summer ’21 org after April 15, 2021)

Preview the release notes

Make sure to view the release notes when they become available on April 20. See our tips for getting the most out of release notes as well as the You Asked For It and IdeaExchange tabs to quickly and easily see important info.

Stop by and say hello to your fellow trailblazers in the Release Readiness Trailblazer Community Group to keep up with updates and share your favorite features and questions about the latest release.

May 6 — 7: Remember to refresh your sandbox

Refresh your sandbox by May 6 to get early access to all the Summer ’21 Developer features and experience the power of building with the latest and greatest. Read the Sandbox Preview article for everything you need to know and check back on May 7 to get your hands on an exclusive preview!

May 7: Gear up for our latest release module

Get informed and be inspired by the possibilities that new tools can bring. Complete the latest release module to learn what will be featured, how to navigate the tools available, and gain other valuable insights.

May 11: Release overview deck and feature matrix

Create interactive experiences with the Release Overview Deck (ROD). This guide is a ‘show and tell’ of the internal training for your users while learning how to use our newest features. As soon as the Summer ’21 release updates, you can review the release matrix with an overview of which features may affect the users in your org.

May 21: Release Readiness Live

This multi-day, live-streaming event allows you to hear from Product Managers across Salesforce as they share the latest features and demos of their products. Developer Preview Live will be jam-packed with hot topics like External Services, Tableau, Experience Cloud, and the latest CLI updates.

Register for Developer Preview Live in May 2021 and watch via on-demand after the event.

June 12: All orgs are now on Summer ’21

Stay up-to-date on all release updates! Check out our public release calendar or import it into your calendar of choice.


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