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How to Use Salesforce Pardot For Your Sales Engagement?
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Pardot is an automated marketing platform enabling business groups to analyze, track, and maintain engagement through explicit email campaigns. It also enables marketers to keep track of social media channels. Salesforce Pardot implementation has helped many business groups enrich upon boosting their sales.

Engagement History Dashboard

Pardot provides an Engagement History Dashboard. With it, analytics is no more confined to the functional team or data experts. Rather, any marketer or sales representative can use analytics irrespective of the level. Engagement History Dashboards are quite interactive dashboards for reporting available within the Account and Campaign record. Through the process, it helps the marketers and sales representatives in exploring various data regarding salesforce engagement. Starting from details regarding best-performing products to prospects with the best engagement, everything can be obtained through the Salesforce record.

Pardot Engagement Alerts for Sales Engagement Notification

Salesforce Engage enables the sales teams to deliver optimized mails that can be tracked. Pardot Engage Alerts are the sales engagement notification about the prospects. The process provides clarity to the sales representatives about the engagement of prospects with products over social media. One can screen out prospect data being specific about a region or upon setting various criteria.

Salesforce Pardot is excellent in enhancing the sales cycle speed upon combining the sales team and Marketing team’s efforts. It facilitates both these teams to work alongside. It provides greater insight into the digital engagement of the prospect and thus brings ideas for the sales team regarding implementation. The best part, things have gone easier for the sales teams in terms of having clarity regarding the things that the interest of the customers.

Looking for salesforce consulting & development partner? Get in touch

Looking for salesforce consulting & development partner? Get in touch

Access to Email Templates, Tracking Email Performance Through Engage Campaign

Salesforce Pardot integration helps sales representatives immensely as it provides the sales team access to acknowledge email templates and useful content meeting the customer expectations well. The best part is quite user-friendly as well; a simple plug-in with Gmail, sales representatives, get clarity about the performance of email through Engage Campaign. Similarly, Engagement Reports help sales professionals track performance campaigns and have clarity about ongoing market trends. Through the process, it helps to boost overall sales of the product.

Utilizing Marketing Contents and Tracking Leads Through Salesforce Engage

Upon using Salesforce Pardot, there is no need to worry regarding marketing contents as it remains very much within Pardot. Rather, sales representatives can make the most through the combined effort of Pardot and Salesforce Engage. Specifically, it helps the marketing professionals upon making most of marketing automation and following up the leads. It means the sales representatives will utilize the marketing contents and check whenever there is an interaction between the leads or the contacts with the products or assets.

Implement Pardot Now!

One can easily enable Pardot in Salesforce. This can be done upon enabling the latest Pardot business units and upon employing Pardot admins. A Pardot admin can be appointed for every unit when there are several business units. However, it is suggested to take professional Salesforce Pardot Consultants service providers for greater results and effectiveness.

GetOnCRM has some of the finest Salesforce Pardot consultants to lend you a hand in boosting sales with Pardot at every step in your sales implementation process. We aim to assist clients with Pardot services to deliver lightning-fast solutions. Our consultants can also provide counsel to ensure maximum profitability and ROI.

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