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Step By Step Guide To Getting Started with Salesforce LWC
by: asagarwal
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Have heard about Salesforce LWC (Lightning Web Components) but never had a chance to try it out? You can now cross that bridge in just under 15-20 minutes.

Learning new technology in the margins of daily responsibility is hard. And the hardest part in trying anything new is taking the first step. You don’t know where to start from, Google for the information and get so much information that it just becomes confusing and overwhelming. And then a confused mind does nothing. 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to dip your toe in LWC yet, this blog post will be an excellent guide for you to create your first LWC. In this guide you will  learn step-by-step how to

  • Create your first LWC
  • Deploy LWC to Salesforce and then
  • Configure Salesforce UI to show LWC

Even if you are an admin or consultant, I will strongly encourage you to follow this guide to create & configure your first LWC. You don’t need any programming skills for this particular guide. And this will give you a basic idea about LWC, which is going to be helpful and set you apart from others who have no idea about LWC.

And who knows, this may also spark your interest in the development sides of things in Salesforce.

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References & Useful URLs:

  1. Trailhead – Lightning Web Components Basics (70 mins)
  2. Salesforce Lighting Design System

Change Log:

  • Apr 2021 – 1st Published (using Salesforce Spring ’21 Release)

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