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Top Apps for Salesforce Consultants
by: Khushali Jain
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Top Apps for Salesforce Consultants
Top Apps for Salesforce Consultants


Salesforce consultants are the major resources for any organization as they upgrade the business’s value and the work by further generating more revenue and bringing more goodwill and related solutions among their clients. Moreover, they are well-known for developing unique solutions and can even analyze and interpret how different future scenarios can impact the business.

There are several applications or essential tools that would help Salesforce Consulting Companies and will also come in handy from time to time. The top applications are discussed as follow:

Top 10 Apps for Salesforce Consultants


In the year 2008, two former Facebook executives Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein founded the popular application, Asana. It is a free application that works as a task or project management tool. The most important feature of Asana is its ability which is required so as to create an extensive list of tasks while sharing the important details on all the actions that are essential and further setting the deadlines for the entire project. This enables everybody to have goals or tasks assigned to them, allowing the mentioned team to start working towards one common direction.


Airtable is a very user-friendly online platform tool that is majorly used to create and further share relational databases. The app’s user interface is quite simple, colorful, friendly, and permits anyone to create a barely minute database. One can use this tool to store, organize, and nicely cooperate with information regarding anything. This could include employees’ directories, inventories of a product or solution, and even apartment hunting. Using this tool, one doesn’t even have to learn anything about basic SQL (Structured Query Language) used to access the databases. 


The main purpose of Basecamp is that of a project management application or tool. This app can be used on both computers as well as mobile phones. It further provides one with the right tools that one will need to set up the “to-do’s” list, organize a schedule while creating and uploading various documents and files. It is also a social interaction app as one can message and chat with their colleagues and have one’s group updated and updated with the same.


In case one is working all alone and further requires to get organized with the work or make use of it to collaborate on a certain project, with work or maybe something personal, Basecamp makes it very easy, as it is very user-friendly. 


GitHub is a well-known Git repository hosting service, but at the same time, further adding up many of its features. While Git is a command-line tool, GitHub lays out a Web-based graphical interface. It also gives access control and various collaboration features, like wikis and basic task management tools for the projects. The most important functionality of GitHub is “forking”, which means making a copy of a repository from one user’s account to another (A Repository is mostly used to organize a single project as it consists of files, folders, documents, etc.). This enables one to take over a project for which one doesn’t have any writing access but can later modify it under GitHub’s account.


Jira Software is a part of various products designed to help all types of teams manage their work. Originally, the application was designed to work as a bug as well as an issue tracker. But in today’s times, Jira has evolved itself into a bit robust work management tool that can be put to use for all kinds of cases, be it requirements and test case management or even agile software development. The Jira Software Cloud can also be assembled to fit any project. The varied teams could also start with any project template or could also create their custom-made workflow. 


Slack is a cloud-based collaboration software working primarily as a messaging platform. It is a workplace software similar to Microsoft Teams. Moreover, it works as an instant messaging app and can easily integrate various files or types of files and even third-party applications. It is very useful to companies that work remotely and uses remote teams, either work from home or based on offices located in different places and even continents. On the 2nd of December, 2020 came the very unexpected yet surprising news about Salesforce and Slack; that is, Salesforce acquires Slack. The agreement is already signed, and the sale will be expected to close in mid-2021. The deal got confirmed for approximately $28 billion. 


Zoho is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that was launched in 2005. It provides a wider range of online software, including e-mail, word processors/documents, spreadsheets, wikis, and a customer relationship management (CRM) application that is majorly sold to the sales and marketing departments of various organizations. In total, Zoho sells about 17 productivity and collaboration applications, the prices of which by traditional software standards would be quite cheap. 


Trello is a visual collaboration tool that further helps one organize and prioritize the work/projects in more fun, flexible ways while providing rewards. Moreover, a Trello board is a hierarchy of lists, with an attached bunch of cards, and that too packed full of strong and promising features and automation. It is a unique tool as its layout has the most flexible and open-ended way to organize almost any task involved in the projects. It also provides quite never-ending possibilities for ways to help one in delivering better work.


In 2020, Zoom became one of the leading and most popular video conferencing software applications amidst the pandemic. It will further enable or help one virtually connect with co-workers, especially when in-person meetings are not possible. Moreover, it has been a huge success when it came to social events, too.

Zoom is an essential tool for all the small, medium, and large-sized teams who have to keep in touch to continue with their workflows with way too few disturbances in a daily manner. 


Aha! is a cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) project management tool mainly used for small, medium, and large enterprises. It provides solutions to education, energy, legal, government, finance, IT services, marketing, and many more. This tool’s basic and essential features are- making task lists along with product roadmaps, Kanban boards, analytics, and collaboration.

Moreover, Aha! Supports agile workflows as well. It enables users to create products, technology, consulting, manufacturing, and marketing the roadmaps. Product managers and Salesforce Consultants can create strategic and more visual roadmaps that are further required for the product launches and while mentioning its features.


We at Cyntexa are a top Salesforce Development Company that uses all those above mentioned 10 top apps that are majorly used for Salesforce Consultants. These communication and project management tools provide seamless communication while delivering quality results on time to all our clients. Moreover, we aim to provide integration services for Salesforce with all the above-mentioned applications.

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