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Top Reason For Choosing Salesforce Lightning Services
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Ever since Salesforce has come up with one of its most powerful CRM platforms called Salesforce Lightning, sales representatives are extremely confident. Simultaneously, being promising about the boost in productivity has been significant in providing valuable insight into data and thus discovering creative ways of selling. This is perhaps the most brilliant CRM tool enabling sales reps to function in a much effective way, from anywhere, anytime. Below are the prominent reasons why Salesforce Lightning Services are a favorite of contemporary sales reps.

Over 150 Exciting Features for Sales Reps

More than 150 cool features in Salesforce Lightning provide the immensity that the sales reps thrive for. The best part, each of these can significantly boost productivity. Hence, it is advised that sales reps should not mind taking the help of a salesforce lightning consultant if unaware of these features.

After all, it’s meant for their greater help. To be specific, one should remain aware of the features like Lightning Voice, which helps connect the sales reps with potential customers in a much efficient fashion through voice calls straight from Sales Cloud.  In short, it enables the sales reps to attain the calls through their mobiles.

Looking to Hire Salesforce Lightning Experts

Looking to Hire Salesforce Lightning Experts

Being mobile-friendly is also one of the foremost reasons behind the growing popularity of Salesforce Lightning. It makes things easy for the sales reps to handle the sales processes.

Association with Outlook for Greater Performance Tracking

Through a strategic association between Lightning and Outlook, sales reps can now access Lightning through Outlook. It means they don’t need to jump from one to the other. Above all, Salesforce Lightning, by automating the sales process, makes it simplest to handle sales. Not just the sales reps, it makes things easier for the sales managers as well, enabling them to track the performance of sales reps.

There are explicit metrics like Activity to Opportunities to help managers in this. These metrics provide managers the clarity about every action of the sales reps. Sales managers must learn it through a salesforce lightning expert for handling the process better.

A Massive Pool of Apps for Personalized Support

Lightning Builder is another foremost reason behind the growing popularity of Salesforce Lightning. It makes things easy regarding Salesforce lightning app development. Rather, it’s just a drag-and-drop approach to building apps for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Additionally, it enables customization of pages that are in Lightning Experience. Also, one can easily figure out over 157 third-party applications over AppExchange for Lightning. These applications are known for a smooth user experience for those who want to operate through Lightning.

Fast Track Your Journey to Lightning Experiece

Fast Track Your Journey to Lightning Experiece

Customer Community for Greater Customer Support

Lightning Customer Community is another incredible aspect of Salesforce Lightning for the sales reps enabling them to engage with customers better. It’s quite easy and user-friendly, helping companies smartly engaging with the customers. Its advanced UX facilitates superior personalization for superior customer experience.

Apart from these, one may make most of the cool features like Snaps-Ins as well developed through Lightning Components, helping companies with smooth integration of customer support straight into both the web pages and the apps. Those unaware of these features may take the help of professional Salesforce lightning solutions, but it’s a must-learn aspect for sales reps.

All said and done; Salesforce Lightning Services can be the one-stop solution for the sales reps all the way, be it about boosting productivity or enhancing customer support.

If you are looking to migrate your business from Salesforce classic to Salesforce lightning then contact us. At GetOnCRM Solutions, Our team of highly experienced Salesforce Lightning Experts can help you to customize and build beautiful apps and future for your platform on your unique business needs.

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