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Android 12 Announced at Google I/O 2021, Plus Other Promising Features
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Android 12 debuted at Google I/O 2021 keynote earlier this week. The new Android version has a list of customizations and vivid color effects. Google also introduced new privacy options on Android 12. In addition to the next-generation Android operating system, Google showcased a new version of Wear OS at the I/O keynote. Like Android 12, the new Wear OS brings new interface-level changes. It also comes with fitness features coming from Fitbit, and optimizations available on Samsung’s Tizen.

Android 12 has been projected as all about customization and personal. The comes with an all-new visual style that is designed to take on various custom skins that smartphone manufacturers often use on their phones over a stock Android experience. The purpose of enhancing the interface on the new Android version is to encourage manufacturers to go with the vanilla treatment over their proprietary offerings. It is also to give users a reason to look for a smartphone that has a completely stock interface — like a new Pixel phone, perhaps.

Google also showcased new privacy features coming on Android 12 — some of which look similar to what Apple has had on iOS 14 for the last few months.

Like Android 12, Wear OS is receiving a facelift this year, with third-party Tiles and the new tap to switch between apps gesture support. Samsung is also working with Google this time, offering Tizen’s power efficiency and other features to the new Wear OS version. Fitbit‘s fitness-focused functions are also coming as an integrated package within the new wearables operating system.

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May 24, 2021 at 04:59PM
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