How Admins Can Leverage Salesforce Learning Paths to Drive Adoption in Summer ’21 :

How Admins Can Leverage Salesforce Learning Paths to Drive Adoption in Summer ’21
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Training your users used to be an event — from getting the materials together, to booking a conference room, and let’s not even talk about trying to agree on a time. Not to mention the fact that everyone had an opinion about the coffee being served! So let’s be honest: Big training events are dated and just don’t work in today’s environment. It’s time for training that’s at your fingertips, right where you need it. That’s where Salesforce Learning Paths comes in.

Salesforce Learning Paths empowers companies of any size and industry to skill up their employees with just-in-time, personalized learning in the flow of work. For admins, this means Trailhead is accessible to everyone straight from within their Salesforce org. So, as an admin, you can now build learning paths that help your users build their skills in the scope of their work. No more breaking out of a routine, stopping progress, and potentially slowing down the business process. With Learning Paths, your users can be more productive in the flow of work while learning within the app.

With the Summer ’21 Release, Learning Paths (formerly known as In-App Learning), will be Generally Available (GA)! Check out the new features that will enable you to bring learning to your users right from within Salesforce:

  • Learning Home: A central learning home in Salesforce for employees to view their assignments and progress as they build out their skills and expertise.
  • Assignments: Personalized learning by role, team, or for the entire organization with due dates — empowers leaders to surface important concepts, track completion, and drive engagement.
  • Custom content: Makes it possible to surface external learning resources, including videos, PDFs, and slide decks, in addition to Trailhead and myTrailhead badges in Salesforce.

Image of a computer with Salesforce Learning Paths displayed on the screen.

With Learning Paths, you can help all of your users when they need it most, and save so much time by not organizing a training class. Another bonus of Learning Paths? Everyone can choose to bring their own cup of coffee, which means, “Way to go, admin — you just picked the perfect coffee to complement this Trailhead module.”

For more information about Learning Paths, be sure to review the Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Notes.

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May 10, 2021 at 08:30PM
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