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Marketo to Pardot Migration
by: khushali jain
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Marketo to Pardot Migration



B2B Electronics eCommerce


Salesforce Pardot


Build and Implement

Our client has a leading wholesale eCommerce platform for electronic goods. They offered workspace accessories. They have an eCommerce website and also have physical stores all over the USA. They had Marketo integrated with Salesforce for marketing purposes. They run email campaigns offering discounts and newsletter subscriptions offering news related to new product launches.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

Following are the challenges which they were facing:

  • Integration with Salesforce: Marketo does not have seamless integration with Salesforce. The update in Marketo was comparatively slow and it affected the performance. 
  • Data Duplication and Bounce Emails: There were too many invalid email addresses and duplicated information present, which needed to be cleansed and needed to check for the  “NeverBounce” to get rid of invalid email addresses.
  • Custom Emails Templates and New Designs: The templates and the UI for the email templates for their weekly, monthly, and annual editorial were outdated and they wanted to make the design modern and include new styles of UX effects.
  • ROI for the Campaigns:  They had multiple marketing campaigns for which they wanted to keep the track of ROI. With Marketo, they were not able to get the ROI report for each campaign.

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client.

  • Pardot Integration: We suggested integration with Pardot, which offered seamless integration with Salesforce. Pardot offers in-depth monitoring of the prospects. Sales reps may access Pardot data and send Pardot emails from within Salesforce to potential clients. A task in Salesforce is also triggered when a lead score reaches a certain threshold.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Improved the campaign and email performance by
Improved the productivity of the sales reps by
Customer engagement increased by

Client Review

Everything is Very Intuitive
Cyntexa has made our experience of switching from Marketo to Pardot so easy and painless. With the Integration of Pardot we have seen a tremendous improvement in our performance.

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