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Reasons Why You Should Go for Salesforce Customization
by: khushali jain
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Reasons why you should go for Salesforce Customization


As it is well known, a Salesforce Development Company deals in providing solutions with the help of Salesforce CRM. So let’s understand both these terms- Salesforce and CRM in separate ways for better understanding.

Talking about CRM, a short form of customer relationship management is a technology that aims to manage all the relationships and interactions with clients and prospective clients in any business. A CRM system enables businesses to stay properly connected to their clients while ensuring a smooth running of the processes and improvement in profitability.

Whenever there is any mention about CRM from people, they are usually pointing towards a CRM system. This system is a tool that enables contact management, sales management, productivity, and more. One such example of CRM is Salesforce CRM, and any customization made in it is also termed as Salesforce CRM Customization.

Salesforce is the worldwide known best cloud computing Software as a Service(SaaS) company specializing in customer relationship management (CRM). Salesforce’s services further allow businesses to use cloud technology to connect with clients, partners, and prospective clients. 

While being a powerful CRM tool, Salesforce can also be configured and customized according to one’s business requirements. With the customization in the Salesforce feature, one can easily customize each & every type of record, standard tabs while also including the custom fields and setting up of the page layouts.

Moreover, there could be customization in searches, tagging, and user interface options for any business. In addition to that, every Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition user can fully customize the various personal display options.

In this blog, we’ll discuss Salesforce Customization and the reasons behind the need for such customization in Salesforce.


What is Salesforce Customization?

Before going further with the main topic, let’s first understand the meaning of Salesforce Customization.

Salesforce customization can be termed custom development and coding to add some more robust features to the CRM platform. Also, integrating these customized features with the businesses as per one’s requirements has a scalable impact. 

A Salesforce Customization consultant helps with the customization in Salesforce as per the organization’s needs, as and when required.

Following Salesforce app customizations are the most common ones, which almost all organizations use, be it a small one or bigger:

  • Custom Portal: Salesforce custom portal aims to provide a great end-user experience. The Salesforce partners or Salesforce employees portal could ensure smooth-running communications among the partners or teams to boost and grow the business.
  • Custom Dashboards: A custom dashboard in Salesforce CRM would help businesses have a 360-degree overview of their business processes and further opportunities.
  • Customized Views: Customized Views is the next Salesforce customization that would help in improving the business performance. With this, the clients could have flawless experiences and would further extend the functionality of Salesforce.

Common Salesforce App Customizations

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Now, let’s talk about the real reason behind the need for Salesforce CRM customizations.

Why Do You Need Salesforce Customization?

There are many benefits of Salesforce Customization that the businesses would only understand after its customization is properly done. The Salesforce customization consultant aims to provide the consulting services for the same and also ensure that the Salesforce CRM is put to optimum usage with its customizations for all the businesses.

A few of the benefits of Salesforce CRM Customization are discussed as follows:

Reasons for Salesforce Customization

Customization may Optimize the Platform’s Usability:

While using Salesforce is not an easy task, its usability becomes a bigger issue for user adoption and retention. Furthermore, if the team members start facing difficulties while working with Salesforce, there is a higher chance that the business may eventually start losing its money. For instance, with the issues with usability in the sales teams, there is a higher possibility that while pursuing and closing a deal, there could be additional unnecessary steps that will further delay the entire process.


The Salesforce Customization consultants are experts in efficiently optimizing the system to make it pretty easy to use by the teams. Moreover, the customization of the interface could be easily done with the help of VisualForce (front-end framework platform) and APEX (programming language).

Customization may Help in the Integration of Salesforce with Other Systems:

It would become much easier to work if the team can use the data and have the functionality of other applications that are easier to use and further integrated with Salesforce. This will also ensure a rise in the productivity level of the teams while improving the operations and enabling more closed deals by the sales team, particularly. 

With the help of Experts like Salesforce Customization consultants, the integration of Salesforce with most cloud applications can be done efficiently. For instance, they can enable the Salesforce systems to work together with applications like e-Mail, Google apps, or HubSpot.

Customization may Improve Analytics:

The businesses might lose money due to the periodical reporting. So instead, the CRM should be the one that’ll track down all the notable activities of the sales team in an ideal situation. For example, Salesforce could easily point out whenever the sales team is touching a prospective client through either of the ways like drip marketing, social media, calls, meetings, or even personal emails. With the help of this data, specialists can further improve their strategy and hence, would be able to finish up more deals. 

With the appropriate customizations in Salesforce, the Salesforce Customization consultants will ensure that the sales team gets the relevant information related to their activities timely. Furthermore, due to the same, the business analysts would be able to make suitable strategies while looking at the activity reports to increase the sales in an efficient way.

Conclusion ‌

While the standard functionality of Salesforce could also help the businesses increase their revenues from sales and marketing, with appropriate customizations in Salesforce, the CRM can be put to use more efficiently. As a result, the businesses can gain more revenue and increase the ROI (Return on Investments) of the Salesforce Implementation Services.

Salesforce customization is known to be quite a common step in the process of Salesforce implementation. To get the customization correctly, the analysts must point out the major problems that could be resolved with it, have a conversation with the other employees to know what the system lacks, and start giving priority to more custom features.

A Salesforce Development Company takes care of all these customizations and advises the same time-to-time. If you are searching for the same, Cyntexa provides you with all the solutions, from the Salesforce Implementation services to enabling Salesforce CRM customization.

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