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Summer ’21 Salesforce Experience Highlights
by: jenwlee
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The list of Summer ’21 features below apply to Salesforce Experience enhancements.

There are additional Summer ’21 features available to Salesforce Classic only, Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience only, Mobile Enhancements, Other Enhancements in the Summer ’21 Release Highlights post.

Note: These features are not listed in any specific order.

1.Terminology update:

A. Experience Builder sites = Lightning communities, template based sites you customize using Experience Builder

B. LWR sites are sites built with the LWR-based templates

C. Aura sites are those built using the original templates like Customer Service Partner Central and Customer Account Portal

2. Guest User Security Enhancements:

A. Grant Unauthenticated Guest Users Access to Records Owned by High Volume Users. This is only available if you have high-volume users.

B. (Update) Update Guest User’s Email Address. New sites created after Summer ’21 will be created with a dummy email address for the guest site user record. Sites created before Summer ’21, update the email address to one that isn’t sensitive to public exposure. Previously, this took the email address of the person who created the site.

C. Guest Users Email Security Enhancements. Guest users can create EmailMessage records with access to Case or Activity objects. They cannot access the EmailMessage records directly, even if they created it.

3. Security Enhancements:

A. Secure HTTPS Connections are Enforced in Experience Cloud Sites and Salesforce Sites. These now apply to all sites, regardless of whether they are on a custom domain.

B. (Update, Enforced) Protect Experience Cloud Users by Verifying Email Address Changes. Salesforce now automatically enables Require email confirmations for email address changes. This was postponed and is being enforced in Summer ’21.

C. Block Customer Redirects to Unknown URLs with Embedded Login. Customers logging into Experience Cloud site will be redirected to URLS on the same host or domain as the site itself or has been allow-listed.

D. Redirect Site Traffic to Your Custom Domain. Redirect traffic from system managed site base URLs, such as, or to improve your custom domain’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In Setup, select Sites, click on the site name, Edit and select Redirect to custom domain.

4. Enable Topics for Knowledge in Lightning Experience setup. Previously, this was only available in Classic.

5. Reminder: Salesforce has ended support of IE 11 with Experience Builder sites.

6. (GA) Show a Customizable Service Not Available Page Even When your Site is Down. This applies to Aura and LWR sites. Use the Service Not Available page in Experience Builder to customize that page.

7. Redirect Users to Experience Builder Sites on the Same Domain. This applies to Aura and LWR sites. Set this up in Administration | URL Redirects by importing a CSV file to add URLs.

8. Add Assistive Text to Images on Experience Builder Sites. This applies to Aura and LWR sites. When a user adds an image. The new assistive text field will automatically update with the image’s name.

9. Developer Productivity Enhancements:

A. Build Your Own (LWR) is Available to All Without Purchasing Salesforce CMS.

B. Use the Theme Area to Brand Your LWR Sites More Easily.

C. (Generally Available) Use –dxp Styling Hooks to Brand Your Lightning Web Components. Using –dxp, you can set a single hook that would affect many components and brand your site much easily.

D. Use Privileged Script to Bypass Shadow DOM in LWR Sites.

E. Hide First and Last Name Fields in the SOAP API for Experience Cloud Site Users when making API calls within a site with nicknames enabled.

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