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Transform Your Business With Salesforce Integration Services
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If you are seriously considering transforming your business digitally, then you should have an idea of the Salesforce Integration Services. Transforming a business digitally is not limited to the IT systems and applications; instead, it changes the overall process of your company. Because of the multiple digital innovations, all these things become possible. It grows your business and gives you the expected profit you deserve. So, salesforce integration service is one of them that creates a revolution in the business industry. Here we give you the ultimate idea regarding the Salesforce Integration Services & how it helps to transform your business.

An introduction to Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce integration service is one of the most powerful CRM platforms that make effective changes in your business. By implementing this in your business, you can improve your sales chain and provide more innovative products & services to fulfill the requirements of your clients. Most of the leading organizations implement this service with other applications, thereby receiving greater operational visibility. Here we will give you an insight representation of the world of Salesforce.

The possibility of getting benefits after implementing Apttus salesforce integration to your business is endless. To produce better productivity, you need to bring significant improvements to your business by changing your marketing strategies. So, if you want to successfully run your business, then you should understand your goals first. So, first, create a goal, make strategies, and then provide training to your team to make this service more impactful.

This is not only a CRM solution, but also it is the complete solution for any business which needs growth. You can integrate this with third-party software. There are multiple companies that have experienced drive-in sales growth and productivity boost, thereby accelerating the business. So, if you are making efforts to stay ahead of your competitors, then you should have the best idea on this. There are multiple types of Salesforce Integration Services which we will define in the further sections. So, let’s explore the salesforce integration and choose which one you want to integrate into your business.

Salesforce integration services get a better view of your customers with our Salesforce Integration services Get in touch

Salesforce integration services get a better view of your customers with our Salesforce Integration services Get in touch

When does your business need a digital transformation?

  1. Not getting enough referrals: If your business doesn’t have any powerful digital presence, then you could miss out on the referrals because most of the referrals are now shared online. If you are losing your clients, then please don’t neglect this. Does your business is in short of clients regularly? If they don’t return to your business for purchasing service, then it’s time to make some digital transformation in your business.
  2. If you are not getting links: If your promotions can’t bring enough leads you want, then this is also a sign of transforming your business with salesforce integration.
  3. Modernize your business: If your employees are complaining about making some digital changes in your business, then this is the sign to look for a platform that gives better access to your employees and customers.

What are the possible ways to integrate the salesforce service?

Most businesses use an enterprise-level application that includes data, user interface, and business logic interface. These three types of integrations are used to provide improved operation efficiency, high-level quality with better consistency.

  1. User interface integration: This interface allows users to implement multiple applications in a single platform and the best example for this is Facebook.
  2. Business logic integration: It is used to improve the end-to-end business process by utilizing the apex callouts for outbound and apex web service for inbound.
  3. Data integration: These types of integrations are used to provide data synchronization through the help of REST and SOAP API.

The main things that you should know about Salesforce integration

1. Planning & documentation: The salesforce integration only works when you have proper planning and documentation. These two factors play a major role in finding out the insight into your business needs and the technical requirements. This step includes:

  • Identify the business goals.
  • Measure the vision & mission of your business.
  • Understand the basic standard of integration.
  • Identifying the data involved in the application.

2. The Applications: For any integrating project, the application is a must. It is required for successful accomplishment. So, it is necessary to invest some time to understand the application that is integrated and their process of integration. This step includes:

  • Understanding the roles of each application in your business.
  • Check API limits, and it should enable the users to perform the task.
  • The two devices must have the same architecture.
  • Preparation of the data.

3. The processes: This step defines the flow of data that helps to improve the data before the transmission. You should follow the below factors while processing this step:

  • Identify the starting points and endpoints.
  • Understand the 3rd party integration toll and effective connection.
  • Use IP whitelisting to limit up and control the access.
  • Determine the performance of data.

Types of Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is the most powerful tool that gives you multiple options to implement your business; some of the major integrations are:

  1. Batch Integration: This is one of the most common methods to implement and suitable for changing data less frequently. It provides an excellent solution for every business.
  2. Real-Time Integration: If you are looking to align your sales and to effectively market your business, then this could be a great option. This process is more acceptable, and that’s why it easily handles and controls the queues and errors.
  3. AppExchange: There are multiple third-party applications available that you can immediately install in the salesforce environment. They help to reduce time and also support activities for the future.
  4. Real-Time Mashups: It is used to create customized UIs by building up the user interface in visual force. These are mostly used to access data from external systems.


Many organizations have experienced enough benefits from this. The overall article demonstrates how salesforce integration improves the productivity and efficiency of any business across the world. So, if you are also looking to implement the salesforce integration services in your business, then check out this article and choose the best integration service as per your business module.

We at GetOnCRM, Salesforce Integration Consultants with many years of experience, help you to attach a wide variety of platforms to your sales API. We can assist you with Quickbooks, Box, Plunet, iOS/Android, Alexa, Google Home, and many more Salesforce Integrations.

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