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Why Choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud For Online Business?
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The number of people searching for a product or service over the web every day has gone beyond 2.6 billion. In such scenarios, contemporary service providers feel it essential to come up with something distinguishing between staying competitive. Here they feel the relevance of Salesforce commerce cloud services thoroughly. Undoubtedly, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is currently the most prominent name in the world of customer relationship management.

Being an All-Inclusive Platform

The prime factor that distinguishes Salesforce Commerce Cloud is its ability to cut down on several tools for marketing functionalities. It also cuts down the requirement of different tools to track sales volume. Moreover, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides an all-inclusive platform for marketers to manage a whole range of marketing activities. This makes it the foremost eCommerce solution in both B2C and B2B segments. It enriches the brands enabling them to provide a smart, all-encompassing shopping experience for the customers across platforms, starting from social media, smartphones, to the internet.

There are obvious reasons behind the growing demand for salesforce commerce cloud integration. It offers a comprehensive suite of high-end features for enterprises to connect with customers at every level of the sales process. Not just the existing customers, it helps in connecting with the potential customers as well.

Key Advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with two all-encompassing eCommerce solutions called the Salesforce B2B Commerce and B2C Commerce. Both retailers and wholesale groups can make most of these solutions to handle order management, handling customer service affairs, marketing, etc.

Retailers and organizations can leverage these solutions to manage order fulfillment, content, data management, analysis, customer service management, marketing, and more. Anyway, provided below are the most significant benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud that the marketers must know:

1. Most Advanced Tools for Marketing

Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes with some of the most creative and explicit marketing tools for content developers, marketers, and even merchants, helping them boost brand awareness, acknowledgment, and reliability. The best part, these tools enable marketers to pitch the most appropriate product to the most suitable customers. Interestingly, it helps pitch it at the most appropriate time to take the conversion rate to the next level.

Hire the best salesforce commerce cloud consultant

Hire the best salesforce commerce cloud consultant

It enables users in executing A/B testing methods and Split Testing, no matter if he/she possesses any technical knowledge. This helps them in figuring out and promoting the most significant campaigns.

2. Predictive Intelligence Through Salesforce Einstein AI for Uplifting Shopping Standard

The factor that distinguishes it from other cloud-based platforms is the predictive intelligence that comes native to it. Specifically, the Salesforce Einstein AI is a significant predictive intelligence system enabling online companies to provide a top-notch shopping experience. It provides precious details regarding buying patterns and insight into customer behavior. At the same time, it widens the scope of selling through several unexplored yet prominent channels.

Earlier, merchants depended on integrating third-party tools to introduce fresh characteristics and handle different functionalities. Einstein AI enables the retailers or service providers to recommend the most relevant product to the target customer. At the same time, it saves valuable time for the users upon automating the merchandising affairs. Providing useful insights backed by data helps marketers boost the conversion rate and overall sales.

3. It Makes Globalizing of Storefronts Easy

There is no other platform that is as effective as Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable store owners to handle several storefronts through one back-end for different parts of the world. Through Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s high-end features, a user can handle multiple languages, currencies, and processes essential for handling storefronts meant for customers from different parts of the world. It also eases down different associated affairs, like product availability, billing, handling pricing, etc.

4. It Makes Things Supremely Mobile-Friendly

A growing number of mobile users is a secret to none. This makes it extremely important for store owners to design responsive eCommerce stores. Responsive design has become a search engine ranking factor. The good news is that Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables users to make most of the perfectly mobile-friendly ecommerce stores, providing them a superior shopping experience.

For a personalized consultation on salesforce services for your organization Contact Us

For a personalized consultation on salesforce services for your organization Contact Us

5. Top-Notch Customer Support

Salesforce is the foremost CRM platform providing 24×7 support, enabling merchants to smooth their stores throughout the year. In addition, Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers several tools and support staff to address several issues, starting from security to code fixing.

Now being aware of the whole range of benefits discussed above, one may take the help of an expert salesforce commerce cloud consultant to migrate data over Salesforce Commerce Cloud to boost sales and conversion.

Are you looking for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultant for your eCommerce website? GetOnCRM Solutions is a global Salesforce registered consulting partner based in India. We are helping the new start-ups and existing businesses to help them with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services.

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