50+ years old and homeless… SUCCESS STORY! : David Liu

50+ years old and homeless… SUCCESS STORY!
by: David Liu
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David’s note: This is what I live for buddy. Congrats!

In 2016 I turned 50, lost my house, job, business, and marriage. I earned $17,000 that year and was homeless for the next 18 months, couch hopping for most of that time. A friend told me about Vetforce, and after Vetforce I found SFDC99.com and David Liu.

Today, I’m one test away from being a double architect, and I have multiplied my 2016 salary by 12. I now have a consulting business and a main gig as a Principal System Analyst at a pharmaceutical company.

At one point, David comped my access to his class series. His guidance on certifications was the blueprint for the 14 certs I’ve rolled up in the last four plus years. Without David’s encouragement, his blueprint, and ALL OF THE ADJUSTMENTS to that blueprint as the admin/BA/architect space has changed in the last five years, I do not know where I might be today: thoroughly debt free, new business, great career, and each and every day I get to help cure cancer with a CRM system. No wasted days.

Can’t thank you enough.


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June 15, 2021 at 09:12AM
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