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Guide To Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Benefits And Products You May Integrate It Now
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Salesforce marketing cloud is an incredible platform with the ability to address many dimensions of marketing. Be it about executing campaigns at different channels or conducting analytics post-completion of it; it can be useful in various ways. One of the prime reasons marketers emphasize Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation is that it’s an all-inclusive package. The best part, it can be equally effective for all domains of marketing.

For example, it can be useful for the marketers emphasizing real-time customer interaction and those looking forward to automating their email campaigns. At the same time, it can be equally effective for facilitating smooth social media interaction and advertising. It’s not just a claim as Salesforce marketing cloud integration can provide the following incredible products to the buyer addressing different dimensions of marketing. Check those out!

Products Under Salesforce Marketing Cloud

       1. Email Studio

This is a fantastic product enabling marketers to reach their target customers. The product develops advanced emails having data from different departments. Here the data is not limited to marketing campaigns only; it can be of the one-one message. Needless to say, how crucial such data can be for personalized campaigns.

       2. Journey Builder

Journey Builder can be a fantastic tool for strategizing campaigns. It enriches the marketers enabling them in designing and in automating the campaign at the same time. The best part, marketers can guide their customers throughout their association with the brand. Through Journey Builder, a marketer can boost customer experience through all means, starting from traditional ways to contemporary digital touchpoints, like mails, smartphones, etc.

       3. Advertising Studio

Advertising Studio can be incredible for marketers in activating useful data of key customers to enhance online advertisements and facilitate a superior one-one customer experience. At the same time, it enables marketers to stretch their targets for an email marketing campaign. It makes the campaigns thoroughly coordinated through different means, ranging from sales, social to customer support. Above all, it can keep present customers engaged through popular platforms like YouTube, Google Advertisements, etc.

       4. Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio is one of the smartest products to deliver a reliably effective marketing experience through different channels. It makes marketers more confident, providing them a real-time overview of the customer journey. It can facilitate direct interaction with the consumers through the brand’s channel. A marketer can even link Journey Builder along with Interaction Studio to deliver relevant detail. All in all, it can take customer engagement to an altogether new height.

Share your salesforce problem with us we are happy to help your business Book a Consultation

Share your salesforce problem with us we are happy to help your business Book a Consultation

       5. Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio is probably the best product at present for making mobile marketing personalized. It enables marketers to reach out to customers without the constraint of any device. Here the marketer can create campaigns upon delivering texts. Marketers can also monitor and deliver notifications to the clients anytime they appear at the store. 

       6. Social Studio

Social Studio can be the all-in-one suite for handling, scheduling, and developing posts. Marketers can better manage the posts being specific to the brand and team through its integral interface. The product facilitates the publishing of content and its engagement through different social platforms. Its explicit interface can act as a comprehensive collaboration platform that can be thoroughly customized. One can analyze conversation irrespective of source.

Pros of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

       1. Facilitating Smooth Data Management

Data Management is one of the most significant benefits of SFMC. This is done through data extensions linked to establishing a relational database that gets support through SQL. Along with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s ability to keep different data forms and prepare data models, it can provide a major competitive advantage for marketers. It makes things way simpler to build an audience base and carry out segmentation.

       2. Incredible Integration Ability

SFMC comes with immense integration ability that can deliver data through different modes. Along with a whole range of APIs, this can be a major advantage for marketers. It enables marketers to augment the present contact details in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. At the same time, it can enhance content import and start customized deliveries.

       3. Third-Party Apps

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with a whole range of third-party apps. Undoubtedly these applications can enhance business goals and strategize in a better way. SFMC provides a large pool of third-party apps from Salesforce partners to enhance the functionality of the business smoother.

       4. Making Most of Artificial Intelligence

AI technology of Salesforce, often known as ‘Einstein,’ comes with some incredible applications as part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It can take customer engagement to a new level with the brand. At the same time, it enables marketers to personalize the customer experience.

Are you mking your customers happy?

Are you mking your customers happy?

For Any Company, Irrespective of Size, Irrespective of Growth Stage

SFMC can be equally relevant for all industries and segments. It can be equally enchanting for small as well as big companies. Though often touted as a platform for enterprises, it has different editions that can be suitable for all levels of organizations. It also comes with various add-ons to customize SFMC as per specific needs.

Interestingly, it can fit well with the varying needs of the company as well. An updated version of SFMC can be equally effective for both B2B and B2C companies. B2Bs prefer it for increasing their customer level. It helps B2C companies in their decision-making process.

Cost is not a factor as this platform can help marketers enhance business. Above all, the platform can still be equally relevant no matter the level of growth your organization attains. This is why the price is never a concern as far as implementing salesforce marketing cloud solutions is concerned.

GetOnCRM Solutions has some of the finest Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants to lend you a hand in boosting traffic with Marketing Cloud integration at every step in your sales implementation process. Our technical experts understand each and every client and divide them into relevant serviceable segments.

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