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How Salesforce Implementation Will Help Pharma Industry During And beyond The Health Crisis
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This COVID-19 pandemic has forced many industries to make their sales and marketing team operate remotely. The most significant among these is the pharma industry considering that their sale was entirely reliant upon on-field communications. But, the pandemic has certainly made it quite impossible for in-person communication to happen. Keeping this in mind, the contemporary pharmaceutical industry is growingly adapting Salesforce implementation services. However, this doesn’t mean that this adaptation of Salesforce is provisional; rather, the industry sees this as a visionary step to stay there forever.

It Has Already Shown Results

The first thing that the Pharma industry experts expect upon implementing Salesforce is a streamlined customer relationship. There are other industries that too are using Salesforce CRM for sales and marketing. A distinguishing aspect of the pharma industry is that they use it for customer relationship management during the COVID time. The industry has managed to streamline long-distance connectivity better, remotely.

At the same time, it has helped them with vendor engagements as well. The tool is expected to be helpful in a much better way regarding the management of pharmacies remotely. Well, these are not just the claims. There is enough evidence to prove this as well. Studies suggest that the sales of pharma industries over the web have grown by 60%, which is just magical. The pharmaceutical websites have witnessed 35% growth in their website traffic as well.

Salesforce CRM Meets Well with Functioning for Pharma Industry

There is every reason for the Pharma industry to emphasize the role of a salesforce implementation consultant. Mostly, the pharmaceutical industry garners leads through the lead score, handling the quotes, and automating the marketing aspects. In this regard, the concerned organization sends the product samples to the concerned customer even before placing an order. Next, how well the concerned product or the sample fairs is kept track of.

At the same time, the calculation of sales visibility is also done. Keeping the kind of method that the pharmaceutical industry follows, Salesforce CRM can certainly effectively manage customer acquisitions, lead generated, and customer accomplishment, not just during but after the COVID era. The Pharma industry can thus boost the customer base, at the same time retaining the old customer.

Share your salesforce problem with us we are happy to help your business Book a Consultation

Share your salesforce problem with us we are happy to help your business Book a Consultation

Making Sales Functionality Centralized

One of the prominent reasons behind the growth prospects of Salesforce CRM even post Covid is its ability to centralize sales functionalities. It enables the user to handle the whole customer base by simplifying the strategies and thus turning the marketing simpler through just a single platform.

Marketing experts in the Pharmacy industry can obtain useful insights about physicians, patients, and medicines. A centralized repository can be created for smooth customer relationships among different departments for greater user experience and clarity upon utilizing the data.

The distinguishing part about the Salesforce CRM is that it can combine well with the present BI unit, thus providing greater insights into customer detail. The user can handle the data center through the process, including dealing with the leads and high-end analytics. In addition, there remains AI automation for enriching the sales funnel, thus helping the company stay ahead in a competitive scenario.

Enhancing Customer Retention Rate

The Pharma industry always prioritizes developing a powerful relationship and the present customers for marketing their new segments in a trouble-free way. Salesforce CRM can be highly useful in terms of client retention through effective tracking and management of data. By tracking Salesforce CRM, the campaigns can be easily created and kept track of, which helps you in promoting the products. The incredible transparency that CRM provides can be useful in analyzing the leads and the sales costs associated with the same.

Effective Customer Service

Pharmaceutical companies often have to address the issues that the customers raise. Having proper detail and smooth access to CRM software, the marketing professional can easily get the customer’s queries and address them. It’s the AI that makes things easier and faster to assign the rules and resolve the queries.

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Involving Lesser Manual Works

Manual works and admin-related processes associated with the pharma industry can be greatly reduced, enabling the sellers to accomplish actions to boost productivity. Enriched with AI along with insights backed by data has helped in keeping the conversations personalized.  With proper healthcare CRM, the need for additional tools can be greatly reduced, shifting focus towards business and sales growth. Naturally, the IT unit of the company gets much more enriched technologically.


Noteworthy here is that almost every industry has been affected due to the pandemic, except pharmaceuticals. Salesforce CRM plays a major role in this context, thus taking the customer experience to an altogether new high. Keeping the tool’s effectiveness and its ability to streamline things, Salesforce is certainly going to revolutionize the pharmaceuticals industry in the coming future.

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