Inspiring Admin Career Stories :

Inspiring Admin Career Stories
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As the Salesforce ecosystem and demand for relevant Salesforce skills continues to grow rapidly, we’re seeing more and more questions from #AwesomeAdmins around the globe seeking career guidance, practical advice, and inspiration — and we understand why! Landing a job in the Salesforce ecosystem is no joke. And, once you land a job, you’re tasked with learning how to navigate a fast-paced, growing and evolving career in technology.

In order to inspire, encourage, and empower you in whatever stage you’re at in your Salesforce Admin career journey, we’re highlighting four stories from the past year of real admins growing their career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Take a peek:

Navigate Today’s Job Market

Michele Corwin on the Salesforce Admins Podcast.

On this episode of the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we chat with Michele Corwin, Senior Salesforce Platform Administrator at Integrate, and learn how she transitioned from a career in banking and finance into the Salesforce ecosystem. Join us as we talk about how Michele got her first Salesforce admin job through the community, how volunteering played an important role by giving her hands-on experience, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to apply for something even if you don’t have all of the qualifications.

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Land Your First Salesforce Job

Tiffany Spencer on the Salesforce Admins Podcast.

On this episode of the Salesforce Admins Podcast, Tiffany Spencer, COO of Esor Consulting Group and the founder of HBCUforce, shares how she helps students gain the experience they need to land their first Salesforce job. Join us as we talk about why process and solving is key to working in tech, how to get first-hand experience with superbadges and case studies, and some great tips for networking effectively.

Listen to the episode.

Learn Five Pro Tips To Build Your Salesforce Admin Career

Kelly Michael Skelton's blog post on transitioning from being a admin newbie to a professional.

In this blog post from Kelly Michael Skelton, we learn how in less than two years Kelly went from having zero understanding of the Salesforce Platform, to becoming a 5X Certified, 7X Ranger, 10X Superbadge Salesforce professional. Kelly is a strong believer that you can go from being a Salesforce newbie to a Salesforce pro in one to two years without any background in technology or computer science. Check out this blog post for his top five tips for building a successful career as a Salesforce Administrator.

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Use Your Salesforce Skills to Drive Business Growth + Unlock Opportunities

Courtney Coen's blog post on how building a Salesforce report changed her career.

Seven years ago, Courtney Coen was working as a customer service rep in a call center. Since she worked the night shift and usually got her work done early, she helped her supervisor distribute cases to service reps. The org she worked in at the time didn’t have case assignment rules, and therefore, they to manually pass them out throughout the day. Curiosity got the best of Courtney one day, and she began to poke around Salesforce to create her first Salesforce Report. The rest is history! Check out this blog to learn about Courtney’s journey as a whole, and discover how you can use reports and dashboards yourself to drive success at your company.

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These incredible stories are just a starting place to learn more about how to grow your admin career. Be sure to check out even more inspiring stories, tips, and resources on the Admin Career Development page!

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