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Legacy System Modernization using MuleSoft
by: khushali jain
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Legacy System Modernization
using MuleSoft





Commerce Cloud


Build and Implement

Our client is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in Europe. The client is majorly known for creating high-quality products at affordable prices which have always been the USP to their success. They have an existing eCommerce website and flows which they wanted to revamp so that they can keep up with the current trends in the industry.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges


Following are the challenges which they were facing:

  • Keeping up with trends:  Introducing a new product was a complex and lengthy process, products lost their prime relevance time.  
  • Scalability: The client was using the fragmentation of different systems that were inflexible to provide every customer personalized experience. The customer retention graph hit new lows every quarter.
  • Management: The massive maze created by the point-to-point approach made it extremely difficult to manage and support the current system.
  • Performance tracking and prediction: The client was unable to track the performance without a resilient and robust platform, it’s difficult to grow, monitor, and track performance, and predict success patterns. 

Project Solutions

Project Solutions


We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client.

  • Commerce Cloud Setup: We also shifted the e-commerce platform to Salesforce Commerce cloud which provided a premium content-rich experience to customers.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Reduction in the time frame to introduce new products by
Reduction in maintenance costs by
Faster scalability for products was achieved by

Client Review

Excellent Skills!
The team has got excellent skills and expertise. They have integrated so well, and they’ve shown honesty and integrity throughout the project.

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