Salesforce B2C Solution Architect : Amit Chaudhary

Salesforce B2C Solution Architect
by: Amit Chaudhary
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Last month we did the session on Salesforce Business to Consumer (B2C) Solution Architecture. That Session was aimed at need for creating a Multi-Cloud Architecture for Salesforce. Covers B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, MC, and Order Management and how the Salesforce Clouds can be connected for seamless customer journeys.

What is Salesforce B2C Architecture ?

(B2C) Solution Architect’s ability to design scalable solutions in multiple multi-cloud scenarios. In a multi-cloud solution, there are typically more complexities, such as integrations and feature overlap within Salesforce’s own products.

  • How to provide seamless access to cloud services to users?
  • How to connect multiple Salesforce Clouds?
  • Which systems should be the System of records for specific use cases?
  • How to trigger end-to-end Customer Journeys?
  • How to view Global view of a Customer across multiple Salesforce Clouds?



  • Introduction
  • Case Study – A Retail Company Journey
  • A need for Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Salesforce B2C Solution Architecture
  • Let us return to our Case Study
  • How do we solve problem for the Company
  • Q&A

Best Practices

  • General Architecture : General Architectural best practices are foundational.
    • When and how to use content slots
    • Why it’s important to avoid iFrames
    • How to support video content
    • How to build the application for improved accessibility
    • Use techniques that improve performance
    • Separate business functions from code
  • Storefront : Storefront best practices ensure a fabulous shopper experience. It’s important to maintain tight control of product and content assets
  • The Data Model : The data model is a critical component of design. It clearly depicts the data landscape necessary to support the merchant solution.
  • Mobile-First : The number-one best practice for mobile application design is mobile-first. Mobile-first designs for the smallest screen, and then works its way up. It’s one of the best strategies to create either a responsive or adaptive design
  • Internationalization : Internationalization is a B2C Commerce strength. B2C Commerce supports multiple localization requirements.

B2C Solution Architect certification

The B2C Solution Architect certification allows you to build the expertise needed to connect marketing, commerce, and service to deliver personalized customer experiences. Check below trailhead trailmix

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