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10 Ways to Utilize Salesforce Service Cloud to its Fullest
by: khushali jain
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Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud


Salesforce, while being the leading cloud-based software, excels in providing services related to CRM. Out of the many products and integration that it offers, Salesforce Service Cloud Integration proved to be one of the most useful for businesses.

Let’s discuss what is Salesforce Service Cloud and how Salesforce Service Cloud Partners helps you utilize it to its fullest.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud, which is developed on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, is known to be the world’s number 1 customer service Platform. It gives you a 360-degree overview of your customers. Thus, it helps you to provide your customers with faster, smarter, and more personalized services.

The main benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud are as follows:

Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Improve customer relations: Through live agents who have access to customers’ data, it gets easier for customers to connect and discuss their issues nicely. This further helps in customer retention.
  • Improve the productivity of employees: Because of the Salesforce Service Cloud, customer service agents can easily connect with customers through web-based applications and mobile devices, from anywhere. Further, this increases work productivity.
  • Improve customer data security: Through the multi-layered approach that Salesforce Service Cloud uses, the protection of sensitive customer data is done securely.

Tips To Utilize Salesforce Service Cloud

Tips To Utilize Salesforce Service Cloud

1. Use Integrations to get all your customer data in one place:

CRM Integrations helps to provide connectivity between CRM software and third-party applications such as customer service software. With the help of this feature, any interaction between the customer service software can be automatically recorded and captured in your CRM. 

2. Take advantage of Customer data and Personalization:

To build a good relationship with customers, Salesforce lets you collect and analyze a lot of customer data within a single platform. With the help of which, you can send personalized emails to the customers. This helps in building customer relationships by reaching out to them at the right time. 

3. Improved Customer Service:

While being a highly scalable platform, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultants helps all your current needs when your customer base is growing. The customer service team runs very efficiently with this highly integrated platform of Salesforce. 

4. Recognize the reason why customers are leaving:

Customers are valuable assets while also opening the way to greater growth opportunities. They promote the product or service to other customers, and thus, help your company to build up a great customer base. This is the reason why you should always make efforts to know the reason if you see a decline in the customer base.

5. Use Social Media to reach your customers:

According to some research, there is a 15% increase in churn rate if you are unable to respond to the queries of your customers over social media. By churn rate, we mean the annual percentage rate by which customers stop subscribing to a product or service. Thus, you need to be available for your customers and be prompt over social media channels as well.

6. Integrate Salesforce with your Customer Service Platform:

Dealing with customer complaints effectively has also become a great part of the after-sales part. According to a survey, 55% of the customers stop using the product or service if their complaints are not dealt with properly, promptly. To minimize it, Salesforce has provided the option to integrate the data with your Customer Service Platform. This further enables the customer service team to have access to all customer data and make sure to timely resolve the customer issues.

7. Track Customer Interaction:

Salesforce Service Cloud lets you track the customer interaction, with all the specifics like date fields, so that you can search and sort them easily by the date of the last contact. Also, Salesforce provides you with features to automate this process as well.

8. Identify and Re-Engage your Inactive Subscribers:

After tracking the customer interaction, as discussed in the above point, you should first identify your inactive subscribers. After that, you can send them personalized emails like offering discounts, offers, or competitions. This will further help in re-engaging them with you.

9. Give it a 100-day rest:

After successfully acquiring a customer, you should wait for at least 100 days before bombarding them with more exciting offers and similar things. Until that time, it’s best to just appreciate them purchasing your product or service and thank them for being a part of your business.

10. Deploy better Analytics for better services:

For its cloud-based analytics, Salesforce has introduced Salesforce Einstein. So as to enhance customer service, Salesforce Service Cloud also uses the different features of Einstein Analytics. You can make use of these features for better and smooth functioning with your customers. 


To sum up, Service Cloud helps you to build better customer retention with the upgraded customer service. This platform, provided by Salesforce, provides you with all the amenities to help you to make your customer base vast. If you are looking forward to Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation for your business, you have come to the right place! Cyntexa is a Salesforce Service Cloud Partner and can fully help you to implement Salesforce Service Cloud in the right way so that you can utilize its services to their fullest potential.

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