8 New Connectors for MuleSoft Composer That Will Supercharge Your Integrations :

8 New Connectors for MuleSoft Composer That Will Supercharge Your Integrations
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Our TDX session on MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce demonstrates quick and easy integrations to external apps and data. But how exactly can an admin like you use MuleSoft Composer? Well, MuleSoft Composer includes a variety of prebuilt connectors, such as NetSuite, Tableau, Slack, and Workday, that enable you to build integrations and automations right within Salesforce using clicks, not code. Best of all, we’re releasing new MuleSoft Composer connectors on a monthly basis!

14 different connectors are available for MuleSoft Composer currently.

Check out our recently launched connectors and learn how you can use them to solve your integration needs.


Ensure one source of truth by connecting Salesforce with other applications or connecting Salesforce orgs to each other to create one layer of engagement for teams across the organization. Create, update, or delete records based on user-defined triggers for sales and service teams. Want to see this in action? See a demo here!


Synchronize, manage, update, and share support tickets or case progress across front-to-back office teams by connecting Jira to systems such as Salesforce Service Cloud. Combine the Slack or Microsoft Teams connectors with Jira to collaborate more effectively across the organization and ultimately elevate the customer experience. Check out a demo here.

In-depth display of how you can elevate customer service at scale with Jira.


Unify your business accounting with other applications, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and Slack, to increase your teams’ productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence.

Microsoft Teams

Break down communication silos and collaborate more effectively across distributed departments using the Microsoft Teams connector. Combine this connector with any other MuleSoft Composer connector, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and Tableau, to send critical updates to any teams’ channels, such as order status, sales reports, and more.


Create, manage, and upload documents and folders to collaborate throughout the enterprise with Box. Integrate Box with CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or messaging and communications platforms like Slack to automate document submissions and approvals.


Automate cash reconciliation processes to complete e-commerce workflows and accept invoice payments. Synchronize Stripe data with your CRM or ERP, such as NetSuite, in real time.


Connect Asana, a SaaS-based project management tool, to CRMs like Salesforce to coordinate project activities with ease or collaboration apps, like Teams and Slack, to boost collaboration across the organization.


Extend communication between applications and services by creating connectivity between Twilio and third-party SaaS applications, CRM solutions like Salesforce Sales Cloud, and more.

Send us a tweet @SalesforceAdmns telling us which connector you’d like to use first!

If you have any questions about the MuleSoft Composer connectors listed above, join our MuleSoft Composer Trailblazer group and ask our MuleSoft Composer experts! Keep an eye out this month for even more connectors coming your way. Compose away!


For more information about integration, check out the Admin Integration page! Below are some additional resources to get started:

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