August Monthly Retro With Mike and Ella :

August Monthly Retro With Mike and Ella
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It’s time for another monthly retro on the Salesforce Admins Podcast. In this episode, we celebrate state fairs as we go over all the top Salesforce product, community, and career content for August. We also get to meet another member of the Admin Relations Team: Ella Marks, Marketing Manager at Salesforce.

With a state fair theme for this month, I promise you will not be disappointed — we talk about quilting rooms, butter cows, and fried things on a stick.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation.

Meet Ella Marks

While Gillian’s out, we’ll be going through a rotating cast of guest hosts to give you chance to get to know our team. For today, we’re chatting with Ella Marks, our Marketing Manager. She focuses on the programs and campaigns the admin team runs. You may recognize her name from some of the Trailhead Live chats, AND she may be responsible for a GIF or two in her time.

Podcast highlights from August

Ella was a big fan of Matt Skogman’s episode from this month, “The Four Keys to a Successful Salesforce Implementation.” “I felt like I was listening and nodding to every single word,” she says, “just hearing how someone talking about how every business can be a relationship-based business in an industry you wouldn’t normally think of.” For me, I loved the Gordon Lee episode about how to be more mindful about how we volunteer at the start of our Salesforce careers. 

Blog highlights from August

We think everyone should pull up Jennifer Lee’s excellent Release Readiness blog post. “I keep this bookmarked on my computer—seriously it’s open all the time—as my source for what the latest dates are coming up for the release and where all those resources are located,” Ella says. Stay tuned for Jen in the next Release Readiness Live, coming soon!

Video highlights from August

I’m doing a takeover of the “No Silly Questions” video series while Gillian is away — it’s been a lot of fun! I highly recommend you check out the most recent episode where you’ll hear the tale of how Astro became the Trailhead mascot. As for Ella, she’s really psyched about J. Steadman’s awesome Tableau walkthrough that gets you started with rich insights and the Tableau Lightning Web Component.

Make sure to listen to the full episode to hear Ella try her hand at a new game, Friend Food or Fried Fools?

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