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Manage Field Data Seamlessly With Algoworks’ Field Tracker App for Salesforce®
by: Algoworks
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Field Tracking in Salesforce® has been one of the most extensively used features on Salesforce®. And what gets used the most, ends up getting most scrutinized for its features, abilities, efficiency, and performance. Isn’t that how life works?

The built-in features available on Salesforce originally address some of the issues. However, Algoworks’ working with Salesforce® developers has helped us understand the different expectations the developers require when it comes to field tracking on Salesforce®. With all the critical feedback collected over the years, we tried our best to identify what may be termed as ‘gaps’, ‘loopholes’, or simply ‘desired wishlist features’ by the Salesforce® developers’ community.

Algoworks Field Tracker App was listed on AppExchange on January 1, 2021 and its latest update was released on June 6, 2021. It is a 100% Salesforce Native Application built by Algoworks for Salesforce® users who wish to track changes in fields with ease and economize by managing their work more efficiently. The app is already well received by consumers and business owners who are now able to track the history of quote line items and user objects. Algoworks intends to bridge the gap between SMB and what developers intend to build for them with this app.

Here’s what Salesforce Consultant Ike Wagh has to say about the Field Tracker, watch the video to know more about the app and its feature offerings.

Field Tracker App Features

1.Track Field Object Changes

As an admin, you can track all of the standard objects as well except for ‘Event’, ‘Activity’, ‘Task‘, and ‘Quote‘. Added to this is the ease of activation and deactivation of field tracking for objects through the configuration page. The app also allows you to track each and every object of the field though the Formula field is not available for tracking yet (due for an upcoming release).

track field object changes

2. Allows Unlimited Data Stacking

Now this one is interesting. This app has an advantage over any other app as you can update the fields with data infinitely. Field history is now available beyond 18 months and infinitely. You can always go back to review and update data – no more panicking over the data that ‘might’ have been lost!

unlimited data stacking in field tracker

3. Access Variety of Field Types Tracking

Along with ‘long’ and ‘rich text areas’, ‘Multi Picklist Fields’ can be tracked as well with changes made in previous and new value columns by turning on-field tracking for your Salesforce org. Through this feature everything you can track is listed below:

  • Opportunity Field History’ for changes made to the Amount, Probability, Stage, or Close Date Fields.
  • Expected Revenue on Opportunity’ to calculate revenue based on amount and probability fields.
  • Roll-Up Summary’ to know about all the pending opportunities.
  • Auto-number fields’ which help you in creating a unique identity column for identification of records in a table.
  • Last Created By’ and ‘Last Modified By’ for ‘date’ and ‘time’ stamps amongst other list types.

field type tracking in field tracker

4. Activate and Deactivate Tracking

You can configure tracking in both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. You can also easily activate and deactivate field tracking on any object.

easily activate and deactivate

5. Check Data Redundancy

You can also target data redundancy and discover any duplicate data stored in a database. You can view all the duplicate data fields using the ‘one-shot view’ offered by the app in the ‘Related objects’ section.

check field redundancy

Challenges Tackled by the App and Benefits Offered

Apart from the expansion from 40 to 80 tracking fields with 40 standard and 40 custom objects, the app has facilitated tracking availability for user and campaign objects, that also on a single interface.

Challenges Resolved

  • The field history data retention period has been extended from the usual 18 months to limitless with the Field Tracker App.
  • Auditing has extended from basic to advanced auditing.
  • The UI is based on intuitive design and helps in understanding the app much better. The one-shot view has been established to save your time going to and fro from one page back to the other to check data.
  • It offers high Operational Efficiency and enhances the profitability of the firm.

Benefits Availed by Customers

  • Unlimited data stacking because now there are no limits.
  • Ease of tracking field object changes, as it is all combined on a single view platform.
  • Variety of field types tracking available with more objects added for your convenience.
  • Activate and deactivate tracking with ease.
  • Check data redundancy and duplicity with ease in just a few clicks.

How Will it Improve Your Life?

Algoworks Field Tracker is a smart tool that enables you to customize data by tracking and auditing seamlessly. You can now-

  • Eases troubleshooting: You can get a recap of all the changes in a specific time-frame.
  • Audit like a 5-star auditor: Now audit from basic auditing to advanced auditing in a seamless flow.
  • Cost Efficient? Yes Indeed!: Save time, reduce the number of hours per month and reduce costs to work like a pro.
  • Workflow Efficiency: enhance the way you manage tasks and be more productive.
  • Reduce stress: With more control over customisation and tracking, relax and know that you have the tracking support for life.
  • Excellent UI: Better visualization of the tracked data.
  • Store Away: Higher retention period, and, no data storage problems for field history.

What more is needed to simplify your life as a manager ? The latest release centers around streamlining experiences for efficient management.

Interested in simplifying your work life with the Field Tracker? Download the Field Tracker App now! And easily configure it into your system.

So what are you waiting for?

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