Salesforce Announces Salesforce+ : A New Streaming Service : khushali jain

Salesforce Announces Salesforce+ : A New Streaming Service
by: khushali jain
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Salesforce Announces Salesforce+
Salesforce Announces Salesforce+


Salesforce has again come up with bigger news and surprised us, even more, this time. Want to know what this new news is all about? Well, let’s first discuss briefly regarding Salesforce, before proceeding any further.

Salesforce is a well-established and the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It is built on a cloud-based system and encompasses SaaS (Software as a Service) based applications. It is considered to be an integrated platform that aims to offer several products for Marketing, Sales, Commerce, Community, Service, etc., and it brings all these products into a single platform. 

It is the world’s number 1 Customer Relationship Management platform. The company was founded back in 1999. The CEO is Marc Benioff and the headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Now, let’s understand what is this Salesforce+ and what’s the hype all about in the following sections.

What is Salesforce+ ?

Salesforce, which has become the global leader in CRM, on August 10, 2021, has taken a leap in the streaming media business with Salesforce+, which will be a forthcoming digital media network. It will be an all-new streaming service that will come with quite compelling live and on-demand content that will be suitable for every role, the industry as well as a line of business, and that too all in one place.

Salesforce+ would be introducing many live experiences, original series, podcasts, and also other programming features which are yet to be announced. With quite many engaging stories, thought leadership along-with expert advice, Salesforce+ would be illuminating the future of technology in the digital-first, work anywhere world while also inspiring millions of Trailblazers (people in Salesforce’s community) to start with learning quite new skills, pursuing some new career opportunities, and further driving many changes in the world.

Why Does Salesforce+ Matter?

Salesforce+ would matter for its various users and community due to its following features:

  • Salesforce+ will be further debuting on a global level during the upcoming Salesforce’s annual mega-conference, that is, Dreamforce in the month of September. It would be introduced as a free service that would also feature original programming from Salesforce. It would be eventually kept as an open platform and would help in showcasing the content that will be created by its clients.
  • The published content would be made available on-demand 24*7, but would also be featuring the live event programming, and that too starting with Dreamforce.
  • For the same, the company has also hired about 50 editorial leads who would be helping in the launch of the service. This would also include the scriptwriters and broadcast producers. It would be further planning to fill many more editorial roles in the coming months as it would be building up its programming slate.
  • In a broader sense, there are hundreds of people on the Salesforce platform that are currently working on Salesforce+ across the departments of marketing, product, and digital.

Salesforce Studios to Produce Original Series

The Salesforce Studios have developed as well as produced the core content for the Salesforce+ streaming platform and has been growing more with its team of writers, editors as well as producers that would be required to bring up new and original programming to the lineup.

Following in the footsteps of quite major industry disruptors, such as Netflix and Amazon, Salesforce has come up with a promise of many more original series. Following is the series that is being made available to the users:

  • “Leading Through Change”: This series has already been launched in March 2020 in the form of a weekly program that focuses on how the business leaders were dealing with the global pandemic. While having more than 60 episodes, this series has got more than 700 million views and even won the 2021 Content Marketing Award for the Best Content Marketing Program.
  • “Connections”: This particular series would aim to showcase some of the most innovative marketers that are from some specific companies like Levi’s, IBM, and GoFundMe. This COVID-19 pandemic has quite flipped down the marketing on its head and made quite long-standing playbooks and the years-long tactics also obsolete. Concerning the same, Salesforce President and CMO Sarah Franklin would be having conversations, in the same, with some of the best and also the brightest marketing minds with regards to how they are connecting with their audiences in quite a whole new way.
  • “The Inflection Point”: This one would be featuring the CEOs from quite the leading brands such as Coca-Cola, PayPal, Honeywell, and Workday. They will be sharing how their backstories, professional influences as well as values have actually showcased their leadership globally. This show will be hosted by Monica Langley, who has spent about 27 years as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal. This series will be revealing quite a different side of some of the world’s top executives.
  • “Boss Talks”: This will be exactly a series based on career advice that will be hosted by Salesforce’s Chief Philanthropy Officer Ebony Beckwith and has been designed to be an inspiration for professional growth. While being in conversations with the likes of NFL player Kelvin Beachum Jr. and Mona Monica Kattan of Huda Beauty, Beckwith would be diving straight into some hot topics such as how to deal with the imposter syndrome and further unlocking workplace authenticity.
  • “Simply Put”: This will be a short-form video series that will be hosted by Emmanuel Acho, who will be making the complex business problems quite easy to understand, while also focusing on topics such as how an e-commerce business can be built and how the digital sales can grow.

Dreamforce Goes Global and On-demand with Salesforce+

Salesforce+ would be made available to the audience globally along with the much-awaited event of Salesforce, that is, Dreamforce. As discussed earlier, it will be held in September this year and is considered to be the world’s largest software event. Talking about Dreamforce, it is kind of a family reunion that has been designed to bring the entire community of Salesforce together, in one place. The Salesforce community includes its partners, customers, employees, students, and even more. This is organized to let the Salesforce community, learn, connect, have fun, etc. Salesforce+ would be further helping to make this Dreamforce experience to be more customized with live and also on-demand content that the viewers can personalize as per their interests.

With this grand launch of Salesforce+, Dreamforce, as well as broadcasts like the ‘Success Anywhere World Tour’, ‘Connections’, and ‘TrailheaDX’, are expected to include both the point-in-time live experiences along with new, on-demand brand experiences, that would be further combined by a slate of original programming. 

All its viewers would also be able to personalize their Salesforce+ experience, by choosing the relevant content from various roles, industries, or topics. 

The Dreamforce experience would have involvement of four broadcast channels that will come along with more than 100 hours of content, that promises to be both innovative as well as inspiring:

  • Prime Time Channel: The best of Dreamforce would consist of the latest news as well as announcements from Salesforce. It will also have the most inspiring stories of customer success along with the transformation of some of the well-known people globally like Marc Benioff, Salesforce executives, global leaders, and also the change-makers. 
  • Trailblazer Channel: The viewers could also learn from their fellow Trailblazers (people from the Salesforce community), that is the pioneers, innovators, and even the lifelong learners. This way they will be able to discover exactly how to use Salesforce to further build up their successful career, company, as well as the powerful community. Moreover, there will also be an entry of new product innovations like the latest Customer 360, which will come with a few sneak peeks at the Salesforce product roadmap.
  • Customer 360 Channel: A combination of several success stories would be coming directly from the Trailblazers who have also lived beside them, as well as showcasing most of the behind-the-scenes content which would be able to highlight the innovations from those Salesforce experts who have created them. 
  • Industries Channel: Last but not the least, the various stories of how the industry growth is being driven by several innovators, who are further reimagining their industries through the means of an all-digital, a facility through which work is done from anywhere in the world.


As mentioned in the above sections, there is a prevalence of a huge quantity of content that Salesforce could produce. Salesforce+ is the news that the entire Trailblazer Community would happily welcome. Salesforce+ will be a platform that will centralize all of Salesforce’s live experiences, original series, podcasts, and all the other programming features. One can easily think of Salesforce+ as ‘Netflix meets Trailhead’.

This ‘Netflix-like’ experience would be truly put to test when the Salesforce+ platform would start with streaming of 100+ hours of content and that too from quite the jam-packed scenario, around-the-clock Dreamforce ’21 agenda, that will be organized in September. Salesforce+ would be helping to make this Dreamforce experience more personalized with both live as well as on-demand content.

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