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8 New Ideas on the Product Roadmap Admins Will Love
by: Katherine Reavey
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The IdeaExchange is where you can share ideas with the Trailblazer Community and Salesforce Product Managers. Use your voice to shape Salesforce products by posting and upvoting ideas throughout the year and prioritizing top ideas three times a year. During each 2-week Prioritization cycle — typically in January, May, and September — we give anyone with a Trailblazer.me profile 100 virtual coins to allocate to the ideas you want to see on the product roadmaps. Then, we use the results to determine which new features to build for upcoming releases.

More than 5,000 of you told us which ideas were your favorites on the list in May 2021. High-fives to everyone who participated! Here’s a look at the winning ideas you’ll see delivered in future releases.

1. Platform winner: Multi-object pages

Allows for building multi-entry pages within App Builder to display or edit info in a related record on the same record page (a “spanning field”), and view unrelated data from multiple entities on a single page. Estimated GA Release: Winter ’23.

Example of how you can build multi-entry pages within App Builder.

2. Search winner: Einstein Search searchable field configuration

Gives admins the ability to select which fields are searchable per object. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’23.

Einstein Search searchable field configuration idea on Idea Exchange.

3. Experience winner: Experience site maintenance mode

Provides the ability for an admin to set the Experience site in maintenance mode. Estimated GA Release: Spring ’22.

Experience site maintenance mode idea on Idea Exchange.

4. Experience winner: Static content search in addition to object search in communities

Makes it possible to search static content within the Experience site. For example, text in rich text or HTML editor components will be searchable and results will point to the site page that contains the content. The initial release of this feature will only be available in LWR Build Templates. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’22.

*Static content search in addition to object search in communities idea on Idea Exchange.

5. Search winner: Einstein Search for Knowledge — filter experience

Save the selected filters across search sessions. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’22.

Einstein Search for knowledge idea on Idea Exchange.

6. Search winner: Multi-language search

Gives users the ability to search for articles in different languages. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’22.

Multi-language search idea on Idea Exchange.

7. Nonprofit winner: NSPS: Indication on a household account record that all household members are deceased

Deceased information is tracked on individual contacts. This would allow staff to view this information on the Household Account level and easily see that all contacts within the household are deceased. Estimated GA Release: Summer ’22.

*Indication on a household account record that all household members are deceased.

8. Education winner: EDA: Support for prospective student stage of admissions

Provides data model support for the student journey when a prospective student has shown interest in your educational institution. Estimated GA Release: Spring ’22.

 *Support for prospective student stage of admissions.

Don’t stop believin’ in your ideas

Awesome: Some of your favorite ideas have been declared winners and are on their way to becoming new features through the release planning and development process. Not quite as awesome: An idea you really liked was up for Prioritization, but it didn’t get added to the roadmap.

What now? Sometimes, we’ve seen our product teams add ideas that didn’t win to their roadmap after the fact. Plus, with every fresh Prioritization cycle comes a new list of ideas to prioritize. You may see a popular, high-ranking idea that didn’t win before get put back on the list. Or, the community finally has the opportunity to prioritize an idea that you upvoted and hope will be delivered as a feature in future releases. Either way, participating in Prioritization is a great way to help product managers with the Salesforce Release planning process.

September 2021 Prioritization blog post footer.

Start prioritizing now — the September 2021 cycle is open!

Now through September 27, prioritize top ideas from the IdeaExchange to tell us which features you want Salesforce to build next for Summer ’22 and beyond. New to Prioritization? Watch this short demo to learn how to allocate coins to your favorite ideas on the Prioritization list.

Ways to learn about Prioritization

1. Hit the trail

Curious to know exactly how ideas get selected for the Prioritization list? Get answers and learn how to work with our product teams on the IdeaExchange by earning a shiny, new badge. Take the IdeaExchange Trailmix to dive deeper into the idea lifecycle and rewatch True to the Core sessions for the latest product roadmap updates.

2. Stay updated

You can help shape the future of the IdeaExchange by joining the conversation in the IdeaExchange Reimagined Trailblazer Community Chatter group on the Trailblazer Community. To receive updates about winning ideas and reminders before the start of each cycle, please make sure your communication preferences are set to receive Salesforce marketing emails, and opt in to IdeaExchange notifications on your Trailblazer.me profile.

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