Creating Lookup Field in Flow : Amit Chaudhary

Creating Lookup Field in Flow
by: Amit Chaudhary
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So far we learn about what is Salesforce flow builder and screen flow. In this session we will learn about how to create lookup field and Picklist field in flow. Lookup is one of the Flow Screen Input Component and Picklist let users choose from a list of options in a picklist format.

Lookup Screen Component in Salesforce Lightning Flow: Salesforce has released (Spring 20) a new screen component – Lookup. As the name suggests, this new screen component lets users search for a record in a flow just like a lookup field in Salesforce.

Lookup Field in Flow


Create Opportunity Record using Screen flow which will have following fields

  1. Name
  2. Account Name
  3. Close Date
  4. Stage Name
  5. Description
  6. Lead Source
  7. Type


How to Use the Lookup Screen Component in Salesforce Lightning Flow. Lets see the below sessions.

  • Lookup Field in Flow
  • Picklist field in flow
  • Record Choice Set in flow

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