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Integrating Salesforce and Accounting Software
by: Enrico Murru
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This guest post is powered by Breadwinner Integrations, Inc. the leading integration software between Salesforce and accounting systems, including NetSuite, QuickBooks, andXero, as well as major payment processors such as Stripe, Braintree, and Square.

Users of Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software who are looking to integrate that program with accounting software, like NetSuite, have several options in the marketplace. Some are dedicated integration software for this purpose, while others are cloud computing or automation platforms.

Integration platforms

  • Boomi – Operates in integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) format, and also offers data management and preparation services. Boomi has solutions geared to specific applications of NetSuite and Salesforce.
  • Celigo – Operates in iPaaS format. Connects finance applications with enterprise resource planning to lower operating costs and reduce outstanding sales receipts.
  • DBSync – Integrates QuickBooks with sales and accounting departments. Connects with CRM systems and databases to load and extract data for integration with accounting.

Automation and cloud platforms

  • FinancialForce – Offers a cloud accounting solution native to Salesforce. Can cash process, manage revenue, and produce real-time financial analysis and audit trails.
  • Workato – Focuses on integrating Salesforce products with several other applications, including NetSuite, Workday, ServiceNow, and SAP.

Aside from the platforms mentioned above, Breadwinner, an integration software provider, offers a solution for linking the NetSuite corporate inventory, financials, and enterprise planning software suite with Salesforce.

Breadwinner also has other integrations to connect Salesforce with accounting programs such as QuickBooks and payment processors such as Stripe, Square, and Braintree.

How does Breadwinner integrate software?

Breadwinner’s solutions focus on integrating Salesforce with finance software and are experts in this field. Breadwinner for NetSuite has a guided invoice creation feature that can generate a NetSuite invoice out of an opportunity with just a few clicks. This is emblematic of its simplicity.

Other hallmarks of Breadwinner’s ease of use are:

  • Configuration wizard – Displays of NetSuite objects and Salesforce fields are intuitively mapped, making Breadwinner easy to navigate for its users.
  • Rapid installation – Breadwinner is built on the Salesforce platform, so a user can see NetSuite records in Salesforce within an hour of installation.
  • Two-way data transfer – Breadwinner can transfer enriched data from Salesforce into NetSuite for processing, then back into Salesforce immediately.

Breadwinner is efficient and fast at aligning internal teams. It syncs with Salesforce on a per-subsidiary basis when a company has multiple subsidiaries. It also works great with existing integration (iPaaS) tools in Read-Only or Read-Write modes, putting enriched data next to data and systems already in place.

Record Creation Wizard

Integrating Salesforce with your finance software using Breadwinner allows users to quickly generate records such as invoices, estimates, and sales orders from within Salesforce, speeding up payment operations. Breadwinner has a Record Creation Wizard to guide users through this. The new NetSuite records the solution creates are immediately integrated into Salesforce. Your company’s sales and support teams can track NetSuite invoices in Salesforce, including overdue status, to collect payments faster.

Data Accessibility

Breadwinner aligns corporate teams so that they may all access the same common records, including sales and finance data. It does this regardless of the location of the data or the device being used to access that data. This prevents organizational silos and makes live, accurate data available to the right users.

Global API

No matter who creates new NetSuite customer records in Salesforce, these are instantly updated in both systems. Breadwinner’s Global API makes creating and editing NetSuite records easy and with flexibility. It allows users to create and update NetSuite customers and records, such as estimates and sales orders, from within Salesforce, saving staff time and increasing data accuracy. 

Compare and contrast

Knowing how Breadwinner works and performs its integration functions for NetSuite and Salesforce lets you see the solution in the context of what is available in the marketplace.

As discussed, there are many benefits of integrating Salesforce with accounting software, particularly NetSuite. Choosing one that is seamless and user-friendly will undoubtedly making your company’s financial operations much easier.

October 18, 2021 at 07:53PM
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