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New Tableau Integrations with John Demby
by: mikegerholdt
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For this episode of the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we bring back John Demby, Senior Manager of Tableau Portfolio and Strategy, to recap his experience at Dreamforce. You may or may not have seen him in the background in a silver cowboy hat repping his native Texas.

Join us as we talk about the future of Tableau, Flow, and Salesforce.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with John Demby.

Scavenger hunt results!

We did a little scavenger hunt to celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30. Here’s the thread with the five questions:

And now…the winners

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Slack integrations and SOQL coming for Tableau

John actually got to attend Dreamforce in person this year — he was happy to see that Tableau was a part of almost every demonstration. It just goes to show how far we’ve come with integrations, but there’s a lot more to get excited about.

“We’re going to enable you to have a conversation with your data in Slack,” John says, and get follow-up information and explanations as to why your data is doing what it’s doing. There are more pre-built templates and content for Salesforce coming in Tableau, and tons more that were showcased at Dreamforce, including full SOQL support for connectors.

The power of Tableau and Flow

John also wanted to share that they’re going to be delivering integration from Tableau into Salesforce Flow, and you can sign up now to try the pre-release. Tableau is all about the three steps of unlocking your data, analyzing it, and then taking action.

“Flow gives us that act portion,” John says, so you no longer have to pivot out of a visualization. You can make an analysis and then let Flow do the dirty work.

New tools for sustainability

One thing that has been on everybody’s mind in light of the pandemic is sustainability. As we’re rebuilding supply chains and getting the global economy started again, we’re rethinking how we can still do these things but keep the environmental impact in mind. One of the things that John is looking forward to is a new Dashboard Starter for Sustainability Cloud. You can look at your carbon impact and make some decisions about how to bring it down or even get to zero.

There’s a Tableau Conference coming up in November that you shouldn’t miss. It’s all virtual, so it’s never been easier to attend.

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