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Salesforce Flows – Winter ’22 Release Features
by: Ashish Agarwal
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Salesforce Flows Winter 22 Release Features

Flow continues to take more and more centre stage in Salesforce. Every Salesforce release contains tens of enhancements to Flows. In Winter ’22 Release of Salesforce, we could find about 44 enhancements related to Salesforce Flows.

And here is our top pick from these enhancements:

  1. Call Subflow from Record-Triggered Flow
  2. Asynchronous Path in Record Triggered Flow
  3. Roll Back Transactions in Screen Flow
  4. Specify Time in Minutes in Scheduled Path
  5. Specify Batch Size in Scheduled Path
  6. Outbound Message in Record-Triggered Flow
  7. Customize Button Labels in Screen Flow
  8. Connect Elements in Auto-Layout Canvas
  9. Easier To Debug Record-Triggered Flows
  10. New “Triggered Flows List” view

To make it easier for you to understand these new features and enhancements, we have created a presentation with screenshots and link to the related Winter ’22 release note article.

To download a PDF copy of the presentation above

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