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Backup and Restore: Keep Your Business Resilient with the Salesforce Platform
by: AJaeggi
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Preventing permanent data loss is a crucial component to help your data stay resilient. The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic left many leaders asking, “Can our business swiftly navigate a crisis?” One of the biggest components of a business’s ability to stay resilient is the state of its data. And preventing permanent data loss in the age of distributed workforces and complex data environments is challenging, to say the least. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where a brand new addition to the Salesforce Platform comes in. Backup and Restore is your business continuity superpower waiting to be unleashed.

The Salesforce native Backup and Restore empowers admins to protect data quickly and easily. There’s no time for permanent data loss — admins need a simple UI with click-based tools to help prevent the problem from ever happening. With this level of protection, your data is ready as your sidekick to make decisions, understand your customers, map business performance, and more. You can rest easy knowing you’re keeping business continuity front and center with the power of Backup and Restore.

What is Backup and Restore and what does it mean for Salesforce Administrators?

Backup and Restore is our native Salesforce solution that enables system administrators to restore data quickly from any previous backup, ensuring only the right data is restored in production or Sandbox environments. Whether you’re navigating human errors, faulty integrations, or malicious intent, the simple-to-use UI of Backup and Restore allows you to restore your org back to the desired state before an incident.

Astro holding the Backup and Restore logo in front of a computer showing data being backed up.

How does Backup and Restore impact my Salesforce environment?

Backup and Restore enables you to:

  • Protect against unexpected system and human errors by automatically creating backup copies of data, which are customizable to your business needs.
  • Minimize business disruption by restoring the best data to your org.
  • Satisfy industry standard requirements for data recovery while maintaining CCPA and GDPR compliance, which is enhanced when paired with Privacy Center.

Backup and Restore dashboard with a green circle with a white checkmark inside showing an org backup was completed.

What are the highlights?

Backup and Restore is now GA, and it launched with a robust set of features — with many more on the roadmap! Here’s what you can expect from using Backup and Restore today:

  • Select any or all data you wish to back up and set that backup to run on a recurring basis. As an admin, get a backup going by creating a policy that covers the object(s) you want to back up. You can also select the related objects that have a cascade delete relationship to that object to ensure they get backed up at the same time.
  • Filter and compare data to restore to ensure you’re only restoring affected data. With the Restore function, you can select which backup to restore from as well as the type of content to restore, down to the record level. You can select any prior backup before the content was changed.
  • Monitor all your backups and get important statistics via the UI and run logs. Backup and Restore gives you the tools to monitor all backup jobs and key statistics (for example, records backed up). In addition, you can set up custom triggers and flows based on daily run logs.

What does this mean for the Data Recovery Service?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what this means for our Data Recovery Service. We’re excited to share that Backup and Restore is replacing our previous Data Recovery Service due to its advanced optimization of those same services.

Get started!

Salesforce’s new native solution, Backup and Restore, helps you keep business continuity front and center. It’s your business’s safety net, ensuring you’re ready for any unexpected problems. Learn more today by checking out the resources below.


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