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Five Key Salesforce Field Service Lightning Features That Drive Efficiency
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Salesforce field service lightning features denote field service organizations with a single platform for efficiently arranging and managing work orders. The salesforce field service will help you schedule your service appointments, manage inventory, and connect you with the crews in the working space. field service lightning implementation is very helpful, and the evaluation process will be much more convenient for you.

There are many Salesforce field service lightning features that are identified to be very delightful for the users. Assembling internal requirements can help you in the evaluation procedure. The functionality of the field service lightning ranges in a variety of functionality. The capabilities of this managing platform should be studied and overviewed properly.

1. Link All the Information of a Job to Work orders

Engage everything you acquire to the job upfront. Field service lightning enables an extremely efficient way to create and handle work straight from Salesforce. Field service lightning integration will help in accounting for the cases. You can prioritize the work for a customer. You can link necessary knowledge segments and required products, skill requirements, reporting templates, preferences, and any associated work relevant to each appointment. Along with that, you will be able to provide a way to track SLA compliance according to the customer and the work measures.

2. Easily Track Parts And Equipment

With the help of salesforce field service lightning, you can handle the inventory of the equipment. As the products will start to be in use, you can check on the decrease in inventory and more prominently report on the cost of overall jobs. This platform delivers dispatchers with visibility into the functionality controlled by each crew member. Crews can demand equipment through the help of the field service lightning mobile app. Transfer of the product can be traced, and you can record inventory access within the industry.

3. Simplify Service Appointments And Schedule With Dispatcher

In Field service lightning, the dispatcher console is the major hub for scheduling service appointments. A refined view will permit you to see all crew member’s managed appointments and openings. You can configure rules to allow dispatchers can identify the required crew member for a respective job through smart scheduling. These regulations can impose criteria like crew members’ distance from the job site, their skill level, and the available equipment. The locations of the crew members and the routes and service territories can also be viewed through the charts.

4. Account Labor Hours And Travel Time

The collected report on labor hours and parts used makes it accessible to calculate the overall profitability of a job. Salesforce Field service lightning company will allow the field crews to trace their time through timesheets. They can imply the amount of time spent on a work order and work order line item, and they can also include their valuable comments in the section. The crew members can also record travel time and breaks.

5. Include Salesforce Field Service Lightning In The Field

Including the field service lightning mobile app can be very beneficial to achieving success in your respective organization. The mobile app will link the field crews with your in-office service workers. With the help of this app, field crews will get the admittance to all the work order information and technical resources while corresponding with the team members and can get directions to the client sites directly. The offline usage of this platform also gives credit to the field service lightning company, as the crew can still use the service when the range of the network is not covered.

For a personalized consultation on salesforce services for your organization Contact Us

For a personalized consultation on salesforce services for your organization Contact Us

All the works will be automatically saved once a connection is re-linked. Gathering the customers’ signatures will be easy for the crew members through this valuable app. With custom signature types, crew members can generate service reports conveniently. The types of the signature are also denoted to some specific roles. This is a useful measure by the service as the technician, and the customer can conveniently sign off on the work.

Major Benefits Of The Field Service Lightning Service For Your Organization

  • Depending on the quality of the field service that a company is offering, the line between an excellent or poor customer experience can be evaluated. The high ratings of the customers will crown your company if they are satisfied with your service. You will be trustworthy to them, and they will check out your service when they need it and will recommend your firm to others.
  • So, this is becoming a competitive advantage to generate successful experiences for the customers to make your company always be on the profitable side. Field service lightning implementation will help you to provide a working connection between the dispatcher and technicians with the clients directly.
  • Scheduling and understanding the clients’ problems and actively solving them will allow you to get a good reputation for your organization. Meanwhile, the field service lightning integration will allow the service agent to pick the best-qualified technician for the client. The needed work will be mannered, and you will gather a good rating from your trusted customers.
  • Field service lightning integration implementation will allow you to customize your basic functionality and configure your company’s needs to allow a better appealing strategy as per your business demands. Visualizing the field service and activity through photos will help your account of the works in detail. Collecting the customer data, services provided, and work orders can be determined with the help of this software.
  • The service teams, contractors, and customers’ togetherness will help generate excellent customer experiences. Fulfilling the needed work by the customers will help your organization reach a certified goal in a concise period.


To meet the goals and objectives of your preferred field, you need to configure the salesforce field service lightning in the correct order. Implementing this service will be a very acquiring and manageable way with the certified consultants. The above features of this service will build a reputation for your company and hold the prominence of your service in a detailed manner.

Are you looking for Field Service Lightning? GetOnCRM Solutions help customers to get their CRM off the ground with a professional implementation process catered to their specific needs. Contact us for any Salesforce CRM consulting services requirements.

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