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Comprehensive Guide to Integrate Slack with Salesforce
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Comprehensive Guide to provide Slack with Salesforce

We might have understood that with or without the pandemic, our work lifestyles have moved to work from the home zone or maybe for some of its hybrid forms of working. Whatever the situation, there is a full-fledged sway towards remote working systems. This is the stage where Slack walks in and helps users function better remotely.

Another application helps users perform better: Salesforce. As we all are aware, Salesforce is a leading CRM Solution organization. The conglomeration of these apps develops a new field of functioning where people can work directly on records over their communication forums.

One of the top applications in this field is the Salesforce-Slack app. Salesforce Slack app allows users to decrease miscommunication issues by streamlining the communication across the organization and developing better customer relationships.

Let’s dive into what Salesforce-Slack is and how to integrate Slack with Salesforce to encase benefits out of their integration.

What is Salesforce?

Over a larger aspect, we can say that Salesforce is a leading CRM solution providing services and products for businesses and organizations. Salesforce has everything under its roof, from Sales Cloud to recent releases like Tableau Cloud. Salesforce has complete cloud solutions for every division of work existing in a product cycle ranging from procurement, management, marketing, and analysis of the purchase statistics of the products.

What is Slack?

Slack is a platform that allows people to connect in a workplace. Slack has many IRC-style features like creating private groups, chat rooms, direct messaging to colleagues, workspace channels, and video conferences. Beneficial to working professionals functioning both remotely and in the office. The Salesforce Slack app came into existence when Salesforce acquired Slack, and this is done to utilize the capabilities of both Salesforce and Slack in the best possible way. After Salesforce acquired Slack, Slack turned into a more equipped application rather than a basic formal messaging platform. Salesforce introduced many features into Slack to align it as a one-stop application that provides professionals with everything from communication to marketing and case management on a single platform. Salesforce took all these steps to make Slack align with their idea of “Digital HQs” and “Customer 360”.

Salesforce and Slack are working together for you!

Don’t get confused by the title and assume that one can use Slack or Salesforce only if they are integrated, and the functioning of both the applications can be used individually. Still, as we have always seen, the real magic is only seen when combining two fantastic applications to reach new heights of ease in work and better functioning. Considering that, the true magic of the new Salesforce Slack app can be seen better after connecting, or we can say integrating both applications. Before we learn how to integrate Slack with Salesforce, let’s see what features we get after integrating Slack with Salesforce other than the basic features of Salesforce CRM and Slack individually.

Salesforce and Slack are doing their magic

One might feel that since both the applications work fine individually, why do we need to integrate them? Salesforce and Slack integration equip us with many features found nowhere else. 

Let us now dive into the features we get when Slack and Salesforce are integrated.

1. Making notes about the record became easier!

There have been a lot of days where you would have received an update or a change to be done over your communication platform. You would jot it down somewhere in your e-Notes or diary to do that work when you open up the platform, but by the time you open up the data platform, there are tens and hundreds of notes to address, and you get confused. This is where Slack Message Viewer helps as it transfers the message directly to Salesforce and that too to the respective record without you switching apps.

2. Sharing records is easier

Sharing records to Slack allows users to share records directly from Salesforce to either a channel or a private conversation in their respective Slack workspaces.

3. Switching between applications is a thing of past

Switching between Slack and Salesforce to get instructions and work on Salesforce information accordingly is tiresome and time-consuming. But once we have our Salesforce integrated with Slack, the data can be enhanced or edited directly from the Slack workspace without going to the Salesforce platform.

Comprehensive Guide to Integrate Slack with Salesforce

4. No more missing updates and changes

Since the Salesforce Slack app allows users to enable notifications over both the platforms after integration, users will have no fear of missing any update about changes in Salesforce information or skipping over Slack messages as they will receive the notifications over both platforms as per the situation. Hence, the latest updates lead to a decrease in miscommunication damages.

5. Search with Slack

Depending on your role, whether you wish to view or troubleshoot an object over Salesforce can now be done directly over Slack. The Search from Slack feature allows us to view records from six main standard objects: Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Contacts, Cases, and Tasks. We have to type /Salesforce [search term], and it will lead us to the object. Here the search term signifies the mentioned six standard objects.

Steps to integrate Slack with Salesforce

After reading about what Salesforce and Slack are and their benefits, it’s finally time to learn how to integrate Slack with Salesforce.

Step 1: The first step of Salesforce Slack Integration

We have to start with the Slack app itself by adding the Salesforce app into the desired Slack workplace from the Slack app page. After adding the app, you will land on the Slack app directory page of the Salesforce app, where you have to click on “Add to Slack” to start the installation.

From here, you will be redirected to a different page with a button with the same message, “Add to Slack,” over which you will have to click. Then we will get a pop-up window to grant permissions respective to the integration. You have to click on the “Allow” button to grant the permissions. Once the permissions are granted, the Salesforce app will be installed in our Slack Workspace.

Salesforce with Slack app

Step2: Installing the Slack app in Salesforce

It is time to install the Slack app to Salesforce. This is where your Salesforce System Admin will come to the rescue, as this job requires certain permissions which only system admins have.

If you are a system admin, then these are the steps you have to follow:

1. Visit the Salesforce App Exchange and search for Slack

2. On seeing the app “Salesforce for Slack,” click on “Get Now” and sign on to your Salesforce account by clicking on “Open Login Screen.”

3. It is advisable to install the Slack app first in the testing sandbox than in production to avoid integration issues over the production org. The steps henceforth are for live installation.

4. Click on “Install Here,” then accept the terms and conditions which pop up and proceed further by clicking “Confirm and Install.”

5. In this step, you can choose for whom you want to install the app; select the “Install for all users” option and click on the “Install” button to complete the procedure.

Step 3: Time to form the connection!

You reached the finishing point, integrating Slack with Salesforce, so get ready to experience the magic!

Now we have to integrate our Salesforce and Slack accounts. Move to the desired Slack workspace and click on the Salesforce Icon in the Apps section. That will open a chat window where you have to click on “Connect Account” under “Connect your Salesforce Account.”

You will receive a permission request; click on allow. Then Salesforce app will also ask for similar permissions where you have to click Allow again to complete the procedure.

And after allowing permissions, the integration is accomplished, and now you have your Slack and Salesforce integrated to surf through all your tedious jobs.

Comprehensive Guide to Integrate Slack with Salesforce


Salesforce and Slack Integration opens up new avenues of easy functioning and allows users to pull out and work on Salesforce Information quickly without leaving their Slack workspace. The integration provides users with many features like sending messages and updates over Salesforce and Slack workspace records. Users can set alerts about any updates or changes in both the applications allowing them to save a lot of time and finish up their work by staying at the Slack workspace itself.

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