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Installation of Salesforce CPQ
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Pre-Installation Steps

Before installing Salesforce CPQ, enable below permissions in your Salesforce Org.

  1. Enable email deliverability to all users.
    • Navigate to Setup | Administer | Email Administration | Deliverability. Select All email as the Access level and click SaveEmail DeliverabilityEmail Deliverability
  2. Enable Chatter
    • Navigate to Setup | Build | Chatter | Chatter Settings.
    • Click Edit button and select Enable
    • Click SaveEnable ChatterEnable Chatter
  3. Enable Orders
    • Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Orders | Order Settings.
    • Select Enable Orders checkbox and click SaveEnable OrdersEnable Orders
  4. Enable CRM content.
    • Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Salesforce Files | Settings | Salesforce CRM Content.
    • Click Edit button and select Enable Salesforce CRM Content
    • Click SaveEnable CRM content

Install Salesforce CPQ Package

  • Go to Salesforce CPQ Package Installation Links to get all the packages available for Salesforce CPQ and navigate to Salesforce CPQ section under Package Installation Links.
  • If you are doing an installation in your Production or Developer org, please select Production otherwise select Sandbox as the Installation Link.
  • Once you select the Installation Link you will be navigated to the Salesforce Login screen.
  • After you log in successfully, you are presented with the Security Level Selection page.Select Install for Admins Only if you don’t want to grant access to all users. In this case, you would need to provide the permissions to the specific non-admin users through Permission Sets or Profiles.Salesforce recommends granting access to all users. Choosing other options can lead to extensive time spent adjusting permissions later.Select the appropriate option and click Install.
  • Salesforce CPQ Package ComponentsYou can review the package components through View Components link.
  • Salesforce CPQ then prompts you to Approve Third-Party Access.Third-Party PermissionsThird-Party PermissionsSelect “Yes, grant access to these third-party websites” and then click Continue. 
  • Once you click Continue, you will see the installation In-Progress screen.Salesforce CPQ Installation in Progress
  • If package installation needs more time, you will be displayed with below screen.
  • Salesforce sends you an email once your installation has completed. You can go to Setup | Build | Installed Packages and check if the package is installed successfully or not.

Post-Installation Steps

  1. Authorize New Calculation Service
    • If you are installing Salesforce CPQ for the first time, navigate to Setup | Build | Installed Packages | Salesforce CPQ | Configure | Pricing and Calculation and click Authorize New Calculation Service.Salesforce CPQ Package SettingsSalesforce CPQ Package Settings
  2. Execute Post-Install Scripts
    1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Installed Packages | Salesforce CPQ | Configure | Additional Settings and re-execute the Post Installation Scripts if they failed during the installation by clicking the Execute Scripts button.
    2. You can check the scripts execution status by clicking the Refresh Status button.Post Installation ScriptsPost Installation Scripts
  3. Change Page Layout Assignments
    • Salesforce CPQ provides a set of pre-packaged Page Layouts with recommended field configurations for Account, Contract, Opportunity and Product.
      1. CPQ Account Layout
      2. CPQ Contract Layout
      3. CPQ Opportunity Layout
      4. CPQ Product Layout
    • To leverage the CPQ OOB fields and configurations, we need to assign these Page Layouts to the user profiles in your organization based on their roles and responsibilities.Let’s see, how a CPQ Product Layout can be assigned to a Product Manager Profile.
      1. Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Products | Page Layouts.
      2. Click Page Layout Assignment button. You will be displayed with the list of all the Profiles in the system.
      3. Scroll to the Product Manager Profile. Click on the Page Layout column next to the Product Manager Profile and select CPQ Product Layout from the Page Layout To Use picklist at the top and click Save
      4. If you want to change the Page Layout assignment for ALL the profiles, click Page Layout column header and select CPQ Product Layout from the Page Layout To Use picklist, click Save.
      5. Similarly, you can change the Page Layout assignment for the other Page Layouts.

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