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Product Development Outsourcers (PDO)
by: Amit Chaudhary
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In this post we will talk what is Product Development Outsourcers ( PDO) in Salesforce. We will see how Product Development Outsourcer experts can help you in Salesforce product development.

What is Product Development Outsourcers (PDO)?

Product Development Outsourcers (PDOs) represent a broad spectrum of consulting partners and vendors with expertise in building commercial apps, as well as other valuable services like training, funding, marketing, or selling your app.

These specialized partners can help architect & design a commercial app, tackle specific areas of our ISV Partner build (like third-party integrations), or simply augment your ISV Partner development team.

What is a PDO in Salesforce?

Why a PDO is different from an SI?

  • An SI understands the commercial pricing of Salesforce for end customers while a PDO understands the business models available for ISV partners.
  • An SI builds a solution for a business process where management can enforce that users must use it. A PDO is challenged to build an engaging solution that end users choose to pay for – these are products!
  • An SI has full visibility of the Org where they are building their solution while the solution a PDO is building has to be able to install into any Org.
  • An SI project generally has a distinct beginning and end of development. However, a PDO product has a very definite beginning, but development can potentially continue for the entire lifetime of the product.
  • While an SI is familiar with all of the functionality that can be configured in Salesforce, a PDO has the added expertise in what can actually be packaged and knowledgeable with ISV technology (LMA, COA, FMA, etc).

PDO Program – Requirements

There are 7 PDOs specializations aligned with typical Product LifeCycle phases. Each specialization has 2 levels (Level I and Level II). To become a PDO Expert, you need to reach 4 Level II specializations.

The Navigator program synthesizes three aspects of a partner’s expertise in an area into a measure of deployable expertise that is easy to understand.

  • Knowledge : Technical understanding of Salesforce products and their applications, configurations, and administration. Measured by credentials
  • Experience : Accrued knowledge from implementing Salesforce products in different environments and with different customers. Measured by relevant projects completed
  • Quality : Consistency with which partners are able to deliver customer success. Measured by CSAT achieved on those projects


Learn more about Product Development Outsourcers (PDO) in our recording. In that we will cover the basic of PDO and it 7 Specialization like below

  1. Ideation/Business Model/Value Prop
  2. Architecture & UX Design
  3. Dev/QA/Release Management/Security Review
  4. AppExchange Listing, Trials, and Demo
  5. Product Support
  6. Marketing Support
  7. Package Review & Optimization.

Product Development Outsourcers (PDO) State of 2022

Each specialization has 2 levels (Level I and Level II). To become a PDO Expert, you need to reach 4 Level II specializations.

Number of Product Development Outsourcers ( PDO) in Salesforce


Learn more about all PDO partner here. PDOs are listed in the Salesforce AppExchange – search for Consultants and filter on AppExchange/PDO to find the list of accredited partners.

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