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Salesforce Spring 2022 Updates - Features to Know About
by: Arpit Singhal
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Take a Look at the Following Beta and Pilot Features:

Use Knowledge Search Filters to Work More Efficiently (Pilot): – When a user uses the global search box or the Knowledge sidebar to apply Knowledge filters, the filters remain in effect as long as the user is in the same browser tab and session. The filters in the search box and the sidebar are likewise in sync making data transformation more scalable, efficient, and easier to code. Apex developers can use this functionality to concentrate on solving business problems rather than dealing with file format details. We also expect a reduction in the utilization of transaction heaps and CPU restrictions, as well as compatibility with a broader range of data formats. 

Make Custom Screen Components on the Same Flow Screen React to Other Components (Pilot): – Create a flow screen with custom screen components that react to changes in the environment.

Reduce the number of screens a user must browse through by using the same screen. You previously had these elements on different screens. 

In addition, 

You can better control expiration dates for certain rights with lightning list views. 

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You may view permission sets or permission set groups, as well as people, on the Current Assignments page. 

The Spring '22 Release is finally here! The Flow Builder and security are two of the most important enhancements in this release. We've been working with our Managed Services clients recently to condense Process Builders and Workflow Rules to Flows, and the most recent Flow Builder enhancements will considerably improve those efforts. Continue reading to find out more! 

Requirement for Multi-Factor Authentication 

Salesforce administrators had a momentous day on February 1, 2022. Salesforce clients have been contractually compelled to impose MFA in their orgs since February 1. If you haven't yet implemented MFA in your organization, the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant can assist you with rollout planning and change management. Have you already installed MFA and wish to double- or triple-check your work? 

Locate the New Report Type Easily (Beta) 

How many times have you begun a report just to discover you don't have permission to view certain fields? There's good news! Salesforce is releasing the expanded report type selection with the Spring '22 Release, which gives you additional information about the report you're picking before running it. The new interface reveals the report's name and category, as well as a Recently Used section that lists the report types you've recently utilized and when they were used. 

Scoping Rules Allow you to Control Which Records your Users See by Default 

Salesforce has added Scoping Rules to its security toolkit, allowing you to manage which data users can see depending on the criteria you provide. Scoping Rules can be set up for distinct users to provide them more access to records, in addition to Organization-Wide Defaults and Sharing Rules. Scoping rules do not limit access to records that users already have; rather, they expand access beyond your organization's sharing policies. Custom objects, as well as the following standard objects, have scoping rules: Account, Case, Contact, Event, Lead, Opportunity, and Task. 

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Updates to Flow Builder 

As usual, there are several new changes to Flow Builder, both in terms of user experience and technical features! The option to place flow elements automatically with auto-layout to keep your flow canvas clean and orderly is now generally accessible. This is now the default canvas for flows, and you can use it to modify, copy, or delete elements. You can also copy and paste a group of items to another part of the flow. 

You may now configure flows using your keyboard and screen reader, in addition to a clean and organized canvas. Salesforce has supplied a list of keyboard shortcuts that increase flow accessibility. Learn your hotkeys! 

We know the Flow Trigger Explorer will be essential in our attempts to consolidate automation whenever possible! Users can now see all flows associated with an item, as well as whether they execute when a record is created, edited, or removed, using the new Flow Trigger Explorer. You can also see the data for before-save and after-save for the same object and trigger. 

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