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How Does Salesforce for Small Businesses Help to Get Leads?
by: Outright
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You all have heard that Salesforce for small businesses is changing the gear of every operation. But you might not be aware of the actual benefits of this software for capturing the right lead. Right? 

This article is all about this world-class CRM tool and its significance for small-scale sectors. You must note all the core points that we are going to talk about here. Let’s start with the definition:

What is the Salesforce for Small Businesses?

A great tool of CRM that helps all departments of your company to connect and use cloud technology for getting in touch with the target market. A very easy way for organizations to track customer activity and handle various services. 

There is no complication in curating your own dashboard. It will help you to see the data visually and in a better way. 

Catch All Crucial Statistics of This CRM

  1. Currently, the revenue of this CRM software is $21.25 billion
  2. Last year, it generated $5.38 billion related to the service cloud
  3. It offers four services: Sales cloud, service cloud, platform, marketing and Commerce 

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The Best Example to Understand Salesforce

A real-estate CRM business is not able to understand the customer behavior and pattern to purchase rental properties. That business is providing something else. Eventually, that customer dropped the idea to buy something from you and shifted to your competitor. 

The reason why the customer shifted is that your competitor was tracking all the activity of that customer and presented what he needed the most. He buys and deals only from your competitor now. If you don't want to tarnish your real-estate brand in the market then apply for Salesforce CRM Software

It lets you track all the activities of your customers through the sales cloud. A user can track all important contact info, history of purchase, and the list goes on. The biggest advantage is a 360-degree view of your customer. This enables your real-estate company to know what to present on various platforms to fetch the right target market. 

We are sure that now you are not going to make any mistakes because we have introduced the number one CRM system for your small industry

What is an Omnichannel Feature in Salesforce?

Not replying to customers on time is another biggest mistake that you are making. If that is actually what you are following that you are just leaving money on the table. Multiple platforms are there but customers want replies on time no matter which platform you are currently using. This is where the omnichannel function is best for business. How?

It shifts cases automatically and other tasks too to an appropriate user. You can communicate with the customers under a single platform. No need to switch to a bunch of tabs at once to make everything a Daedalian. Whether you want to chat on social media, chat, call, or anything, omnichannel saves your time, money, and efforts. 

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Integrate with the Best Third-party Apps

Salesforce for small businesses is an accurate choice because it can sync with numerous tools. Why to sync this CRM? 

Suppose you leverage the Mailchimp marketing tool for running your email newsletter task. You can sync this marketing tool with Salesforce software. The benefit you can seek is not going to handle two platforms at once. 

Every data can sync and this saves a huge amount of time for every individual. This eliminates all the frustration and reduces human error, too. 

A user can integrate this CRM with Calendly, QuickBooks, Slack, LinkedIn social media platform, DocuSign, etc. 

How Much Does this CRM Cost?

Well, it all depends on the needs of your small organization. The Salesforce Pricing starts from $25/per month per user. 

If you have 3 users, then you need to pay $75/per month to use all its functions. 

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